ain't but one of me

and i probably aint goin' nowhere anytime soon

Change heard the call and came like the east wind from the Yards and the sweet odor of normal began to erase what was caught deep down in, inside deep down. The heart, the soul knew hope and eyes lower and we saw the dead return. But some were lost to the dark, hard parts from the start and were not able to get a good grip on the right shit but that venom spread in their veins and did not let go. We cried and shouted help and the upper heads heard not and dropped their foot onto our necks and turned it again and again and claimed to be a friend when we needed them then.

It was not all true, it was not all new, it was old lies and painted sunrises with white shades of closed off windows to the heart. We were wrong, we sang a song we thought was going to get us out of what we thought was nothing, but it was something; we were wrong because we had it all and we all saw the coming, we all saw the Land and we all had the Land right in our hand and it was ours. The Land was ours and the Promise was too but it came in the claim of a brother who smothered us with what he thought we needed. Now we know just what we need even before the need is freed inside us and our knees are bent to rise and walk again. We headed home alone this time with no illusions to lead us wrong. We almost home, we almost there, we almost home.

escape the day

become captive to the night

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Book Excerpts and music samples

Book 1 Excerpt

The Hood and Humphrey Lawson

The story of a young, government-project thug whose view of life was molded by his environment...

1 Down CD 7


"Untouchable is our latest CD. It's smooth, it's real, and it's Untouchable when it comes to the feeling it gives."

Book 4 Excerpt

Callin' Shots

The community of Perryville and the struggles the residences face are featured in this series as they fight against corruption and gang violence.

1 Down CD 6

Random Jive

A stimulating mixture of neo-soul brings our 6th CD Random Jive to life. Peppered with contemporary and smooth jazz, mellowed, back in the day rhythm and blues.

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