Urban Novels

A city cut-off from general society came together and built one better.

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MeloDrama of the Rise and Fall of Humphrey Lawson

Humphrey's quest for change and power takes him from the playgrounds of the projects to the high life of the elite Macktown underworld.

Book 3 - The Lawson-Towns

ltwarsm (4K)

This is the tale of two ghetto cities. Both these cities have kings with underworld empires; with both kings operating under the rules of a society gone wrong.

Book 4 - Callin' Shots

callingshotsm (7K)

Callin' Shots involves the on-going happenings and conflicts of the east side crime organization, the Perry Project Pips.

Book 1 CHapter 8 Excerpt

excerpt (22K)

Three times a year, a meeting of the Macktown political minds was called to order. It was a town hall, slash, closed door type meeting. First,...

The Author

crhsm (11K)

Colin Royce is a student of life; real life, not Hollywood or the propaganda of fantasy worlds. He sees, he understands, and he writes about it.

A Profile of Macktown

Character Silhouettes

Characters from the Macktown Novels collection; from the leading character down to the least mentioned. Everyone plays a part and is essential in advancing the plot.

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Macktown Backstory

Macktown is a problem-child city that was intentionally cut off from and forgotten by general society as an example to other cities of how not to resist government control.

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  • Geography

    Founded in 1805, Macktown was a was an image of smoke-stained buildings abused by the times.

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  • Poetic Interludes

    Spring blew in and around Macktown and voices became familiar again.

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  • Book 2 Excerpt

    Macktown was on its way to 1981. New power ruled the country with more power and new rules...

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  • Book 3 Excerpt

    This is the tale of two ghetto cities. Both these cities have kings with underworld empires...

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Hump and the Project Pips

Looking at the Perry Pips this is what you saw: many black faces, none light-skinned, not many brown, but mostly black; large and small afros, no hats, no sleeves but a few, no one over six feet, all angry, spitting, dirty punks.

They wore bell-bottom jeans, some with patches, white converse gym-shoes, or Chucks as they called them, and some had a cat-of-nine tails key chain, (called backbreakers), hanging from their belts.