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Robert Reich utterly EXPOSES Corrupt Schemes in MUST-SEE Interview | PoliticsGirl
Robert Reich utterly EXPOSES Corrupt Schemes in MUST-SEE Interview | PoliticsGirl Staff Admin 5 Views • 7 months ago

As Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis said, “America has a choice. We can either have great wealth in the hands of a few, or we can have democracy, but we can’t have both.” There’s a shift happening in the American consciousness right now. Where the idea we all bought into, that idea that if we just work hard enough we’ll make it, is starting to feel like a bit of a scam. This concept of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is beginning to look like a cruel joke and the conceit that the struggles so many Americans face just to make ends meet is somehow a result of our own actions or shortcomings, rather than acknowledging we’re actually living in an oppressive system rigged against us is really starting to chafe. Join me and the illustrious Robert Reich as we discuss the economy, the American dream, and what we, the American public, can do to make it.

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