Namibia: Live stream in the Namib Desert

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Live feed, from a waterhole in the heart of Namibia

Complementing the magnificence of the Namib Desert’s never-ending red sand dunes, Namibia Cam’s waterhole lies within the Gondwana Namib Park - bordering the Namib Naukluft Park.

In this park, all man-made barriers have been removed, creating a space over 56,540 square kilometers (meaning 21,830 sq mi) - wildlife moves freely between the two parks and the other privately owned guest farms.

In Gondwana Namib Park the Namib experience covers two sides. Three, in fact, as under the reddish sand there is brown sandstone – the fossilised dunes of an ancient Namib. Then there is the World Heritage Site of ‘Namib Sand Sea’, and only 60 km further south, the Namib shows yet another face: the valley of the ephemeral Tsauchab River – which cuts through the surging sand-sea and ends in famed Sossusvlei.
But along with the fossilised dunes, Namib Sand Sea and Tsauchab River, a glorious new display has risen.

Built in 2006, the special character of this waterhole, has not only an impact on the surrounding wildlife, but stretches across the globe, from home to home. This particular waterhole is situated within an open plain, 8km from Namib Desert Lodge.

A solar-powered borehole fills a nearby reservoir and is monitored by a water float that opens as the waterhole’s levels decline.

Being situated within a remote destination like the Namib Desert, intermittent interruptions are likely to occur at times.

Frequently asked questions:

GPS coordinates : -24.074923, 15.887410

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