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The Nu Life Alliance Privacy Policy

General Information

Our website security is a top priority for our organization. Your name, or any of your personal information are NEVER stored on the Internet with our system. Once you type your information, it is sent instantly, encrypted, directly to our private, offline database, which is on a server separate from the Internet. We employ the latest bit encryption technology in all areas of the site that require you to provide your personal or account information. These include name, email address, home address, phone, and city and state information. This is done to protect you from unauthorized use of the information you are sending to our server.

Contact Information

You can e-mail us or reach us by telephone at 804.601.6805.

For more than 21 years, Nu Life Alliance has developed relationships with our clients, users and customers based on respect and integrity. We're aware of the trust and confidence you demonstrate when you visit our website and provide us with information. The Privacy Notice below is posted to demonstrate our adherence to the practices you'll find common to the best websites online. We promise that we will treat your information with the same honesty and sensitivity that we have displayed throughout our organization's history. We will never share any of your private information with any unrelated 3rd party except as necessary to fulfill transactions that you initiate.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Notice, please contact us at the information above.

The Nu Life Alliance Privacy Notice

By visiting the Nu Life Alliance website you agree to accept the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Changes to this Privacy Notice, Conditions of Use and Notices:

This Privacy Notice and our Terms of Use will change over time and the use of information, which we gather now, is subject to these Notices and Terms as modified. Please check this page periodically as you continue to use our site to see if any changes have been made. This privacy notice is the original notice since our beginning in 1994. If you visit our Web site your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice and our Legal Notices, including the application of the laws of the State of Virginia.


Nu Life Alliance does not collect data from or sell products to persons under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you are required to seek the approval of your parent or guardian to enter information or purchase products from this site.

Personal Information Collected By Nu Life Alliance:

Nu Life Alliance uses information that we collect from our visitors to personalize and improve your visit. We gather the following types of information: name and email addresses only. Your credit card information is stored with the payment processing company we use such as Paypal, stripe, and other. We do not have that data.

Information you give us:

Nu Life Alliance collects any information that you enter on our Web site. This information is normally provided when you search, browse, or when you communicate with any of our departments such as the staff, writers, sales or web administration services through our Web site, telephone, or mail. You also provide information when you establish an email account with us or on Examples of the type of information you may supply us with include your name and email address. In some instances, we ask you for other people's names and email addresses for the sole purpose of fulfilling your specific request to email certain specific information as part of our "recommend us" feature.

Automatic Information collected by us:

We may collect anonymous information from visits to our sites through the use of "Cookies." Cookies are simply web page elements, which may employ profile technology that enable us to record anonymous data about visits to or transactions made on our web site. This anonymous information is sometimes known as "clickstream data." We may use this data to analyze trends and statistics to improve your online experience with us. No personal data is collected through the use of Cookies on our sites, however, we may also collect and analyze the IP address used to connect your computer to the Internet; computer and connection information such as your browser type and version; operating system and platform; purchase history; confirmation when you open e-mail that we send you; and the URLs which lead you to and around our Web site including the date and time. Your browser allows you to reject cookies and software is available from third parties, which will allow you to visit our Web site without providing this information. You are welcomed at our Web site if you use this software but we will not be able to offer you our personalized services.

Email Newsletter Subscription:

If you request an email newsletter subscription, your information is deposited into our private database offline. You are then emailed a newsletter each time Nu Life Alliance sends out its regular ezine for our readers. You can, at anytime, request to be removed from our mailing list by clicking on the link at the bottom of our email in your mailbox.

Sharing of Information with third-parties:

Credit card companies and shippers: When you buy something from us we send your credit card information, name, billing address and the amount of your purchase to your credit card company to verify and authorize the purchase. Your name, telephone number and shipping information must be provided to third party shippers such as UPS, Federal Express and the United States Postal Service to deliver your purchase.

Third Party Transaction-Level Data:

If you visit our site from a third-party site the third-party site may be able to access select information from your individual transaction information. In order to track and credit your transaction the third-party site may give you a unique code, cookie or graphic, which will uniquely identify you. This will only happen if you link directly from a third party site to our Web site. Any transactions made at our Web site while such a code is active will be reported back to the third party site. We will only report non-personal information to these sites such as the date of the transaction, the product(s) purchased and the amount spent. We will not report any information to these third party sites that will allow them to personally identify you and will never share your email address with any 3rd party.

Link to Third Party Site:

Our Web site contains certain links to third party sites that have used our site-submission tools. Nu Life Alliance is not responsible or liable for the privacy practices or content found on these sites. We suggest that you check the Privacy Notice of each site you visit.

Information about Third Parties:

Nu Life Alliance maintains relationships with other websites that operate as its affiliates; however, Nu Life Alliance has not control over their activities. Nu Life Alliance will immediately cease doing business with any affiliate that abuses the terms of the affiliate agreement. This includes, but is not limited to: spam, trademark infringement, predatory means of attracting visitors, or unlawful activities. To report abuse by an affiliate, please contact our Web Administrator at 804.601.6805 or email us at

Law Enforcement and Protection of Users:

We will release personally identifiable information to third parties and organizations when we believe it is appropriate for us to do so to comply with the law. We will also do so to cooperate with law enforcement investigations, comply with court orders or subpoenas, protect the legal rights of our users, and us or when we believe it is needed for fraud protection and/ or credit risk reduction.


We employ the latest bit encryption technology in all areas of the site which require you to provide your personal or account information, including online ordering, order status, print-based newsletter request. Your name, and any of your personal information are safely stored in our proprietary systems behind our firewall. Once you type your personal information, it is sent instantly, encrypted, directly to our private database system, which is on a server separate from our Internet server. To make sure you have the latest security features on your browser, you may want to download the most recent version of your favorite browser, which should have full SSL support.


Our Web site gives you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us. If you no longer wish to receive communications from us you may opt-out by calling 804.601.6805. Purchasing online from Nu Life Alliance SSL Data Encryption

Nu Life Alliance website is registered with site identification authorities to enable your browser to confirm our security identity before any transmission is sent. With this technology, the identity of our site is automatically confirmed behind the scenes prior to the transmission of any customer information requested to complete an online order and ensures that your data reaches your intended target or your browser notifies you (prior to your sending any personal information) that the potential receiving site looks suspicious and should be avoided.

Security Guarantee

If you are using a security-enabled browser, the information you send us regarding your purchase is encrypted, making it extremely difficult to read even if it is wrongly intercepted. At Nu Life Alliance, we utilize industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of: potentially sensitive information such as your name and address and other critically sensitive information like your credit card number. Standing behind our security technology, we also provide our Website Security Guarantee, further ensuring that you are protected every time you buy online with us.

This is the privacy policy for all web sites operated by Nu Life Alliance, Inc. Network, including, and

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