A Christian Nation Bought Slaves from African Kings: Somebody Lying

Human bondage is not in the character of a true Christian people. So apparently, they lied then and are lying now claiming America was founded on Christian values...

A Christian Nation Bought Slaves from African Kings: Somebody Lying

Whites have recently resorted to using the “African kings sold Africans into slavery” theory to level off the Mid-Atlantic slave trade in order to transfer some of the liability of slavery to African leaders and Blacks in America, and to remove the guilt pressing on their consciences. 

They have went as far as paying a Black woman to soften the blow of the slave trade through a Hollywood production, and many other Black actors to create feely-touchy films about slavery in the US.

Many blacks themselves have accepted this half-baked theory in defense of their modern-day slave owners and would uphold the idiotic notion that whites are not totally to blame for slavery. This is a lie. They are absolutely to blame; regardless of who sold them the slaves. They could have found them walking down the street, it does not matter. It was what they did with the those they enslaved afterward that testifies to their crime against humanity.

In fact, history has documented very few African nations (1 or 2), played a role in the slave trade but history neglects to reveal the fact that the majority of the nations resisted it and called for its termination. “Nzinga Mbemba (1446–1543), who ruled the kingdom of Kongo, for example, wrote to the king of Portugal, João III, in 1526, to demand an end to the illegal depopulation of his kingdom. His successor, Garcia II, did likewise, but without much success. Other states that resisted the slave trade include Futa Toro and Futa Jallon in West Africa.” Yet these historical facts are of course left out of Hollywood’s twisted fantasies.

So, we can questionably conclude that it is true that an African nation participated in the trade, whether willingly or reluctantly, but one thing we do know is a lie; which is the Europeans who bought and used the slaves were Christians. No Christian would own other human beings and treat them like animals.

Remember, the Mid-Atlantic slave trade happened centuries after the era of Christ and his disciples walked the earth. Which means that the beatitudes that Christ preached in the land of Syria in the Sermon on the Mount calling for peace and love, and the letters of self-discipline the apostles wrote to the churches throughout Asia, were in full effect.

The apostles never talked about owning slaves. They talked about the duties of servitude in debt peonage, but never imagined the brutality of the Mid-Atlantic slave trade. At the time in history, the Roman Catholic church funded the slave trade and all the imperialist journeys Europeans took as they ventured out across the world conquering lands and committing genocide; and they admittedly did it in the name of Christianity, and spreading the gospel.

Human bondage is not in the character of a true Christian people. So apparently, they lied then and are lying now claiming America was founded on Christian values and is currently a Christian nation. The Roman government was not founded on Christian values and neither were their ancestors. They were always oppressors, exploiters, and taskmasters.

Furthermore, the kingdoms of Northern and central Africa were established long before the coming of Europeans and the socio-economic atmosphere of Africa was much more developed than the European nation states, culturally and spiritually. So, the Europeans travelled to the America’s in search of more under-developed lands and people.

When they intruded upon the America’s, the Europeans tried to, but could not enslave the native Americans or survive there without their help. They then went back to Africa, interrupted the affairs and negotiated deals of trade; shiny things for people. And those deals were only a small fraction of the millions; the rest were trapped, kidnapped and caged. In no way are they innocent in initiating the institution of slavery and getting other people to do their work for them, seeing they themselves were incapable of physical labor in strange lands and being susceptible to certain diseases.

The kings of Africa had no foresight or motive for initiating slavery in the Americas or for the building of the European empire, but were unconsciously feeding the lust and evil needs of Euro-ethnocentrism, which was their partaking in the crimes against humanity. The reason whites and indoctrinated Blacks use the fallacious argument of the African kings is because they want so desperately to wipe away the stench and blood, and the memory of slavery from their hands, and place the blame on someone else.

Do not be an idiot in an idiot’s world and believe that Africans share the blame for 10-20 million Africans being enslaved throughout the north and South American territories.

Like cable news and institutions of higher learning operate today, by paying and using the mouths of Blacks to spew their subtle bigoted and reverse racist rhetoric, the same strategy of divide and conquer was used then, as it is used now and all based on the sum of money or something shiny.

If history tells a story through it all, it tells the story of a broken nation searching frantically for a way out of repaying and rebuilding what they have torn down, the African culture and history. Yet, do not look for any recompense anytime soon because it is not yet time nor is there enough judgment passed that would make the truth apparent to a people consumed with themselves to the extent of falsifying reality.

But as stated earlier, one thing is for sure. They and them were not, and never were a Christian people. Christianity requires love and there is no love in the brutality of enslaving of other human beings. This is a demonic force that remains present in the world and the residue of that evil lingers in the minds of their generationally cursed, grandchildren of today.