Assimilation Gone Wrong: When Hispanics and Other Minority Groups Embrace white Hate

The problem with Hispanics and other cultures who emulate whites and mistreat Blacks and other immigrants, is that they do not believe they are also on the list.

Assimilation Gone Wrong: When Hispanics and Other Minority Groups Embrace white Hate

When Hispanics and other minority groups see how Blacks and Africans are treated by racist whites of European culture, they identify with this treatment because they lack the ability to see cultural differences as a chance to learn and instead take it as an opportunity to demean. They believe the lies told to them by whites and assume Blacks are servants to the world and can be treated like animals.

When they assume this position, they seem to proudly reduce themselves to the status of racist and bigots enjoying the same false sense of superiority that whites enjoy when they mob, degrade, or kill another human being. Though cultural differences have no real bearing on who a person is or their worth in society, some (whites or those who emulate them), seem to live in a society that base self-worth on skin color.

Currently, there are Hispanics who are against immigration, which is an oxymoron; a self-contradiction. They did not adopt this viewpoint all their own, but are influenced by white hate and discrimination, because if this were an original thought, they would not have a problem with other cultures coming into the country but a serious problem with the way whites have taken their country from them. The same goes for Asians, Muslims, and Native Americans.

Either of these cultures who take on the bigoted viewpoints of racist whites are siding with the wrong side seeing at some point in history, and to this day, their own ancestors and native countries have been or are currently being bombed, colonized, or discriminated against. But their shortsightedness and desire to not be victims of white hate again, blinds them and deceives them into trading their dignity for white acceptance. This act of cowardness deserves whatever Karma comes their way in the future of white world domination.

Believing they are a protected race under white reverence is elementary thinking in a world graduated to a PHD, even Artificial Intelligence level of thinking. Not even machines think as primitive and ignorant as people who believe this thoughtlessness. The way to deal with these people requires the same strategy it does for defeating white bigots; to laugh in their faces and walk away untouched. To meet them on their level of ignorance empowers them to achieve what they desire, which is a blood thirst for violence, drama, and a temporary, self-centered high.

Nevertheless, the blueprint of hate that whites follow have extended to indoctrinating other minority groups to hate those they hate and reverence those they reverence. Their ability to distribute worldwide propaganda on this campaign of human degradation has been received by the lowest of people who also need a boast of racial solidarity. The problem with this on the part of the minority groups that it influences is that, FYI, they are also hated by whites.

See, whites are afraid of losing power and will do whatever it takes to maintain that power among their dwindling numbers in relation to world population. If it means deceptively recruiting other cultures of the world to help them maintain that status, they will pretend to respect and uphold other cultures over that of African and Black Americans. Whatever standards they set for Black neutralization or elimination; other cultures will follow if they think nothing will happen to them.

Unfortunately, other cultures have also forgotten that the countries they hail from have historically been plundered by one of the Euro-nations and their economies were reduced to a poverty-level form of capitalism, based on a flawed theory of Democracy, but labeled as a socialist or communist failed state by US foreign policy leaders. Miseducation and an eraser of history of other native lands is what they do in their propaganda campaigns.

However, the goal of white racism is world domination and if they can eliminate one specific culture, they will eliminate them all if it were possible. They have tried it before. It is overall sad to watch other cultures take the mantle of hate and bigotry believing that they are safe from the same. But to watch when they finally realize they have been duped is the reward for enduring such treatment and surviving to see the downfall of a species of people destine for inhalation.