A Warning to Black Sell Outs

Like Malcolm X said, the house negro will fight to put the fire out at the master’s house believing the house belongs to him too.

A Warning to Black Sell Outs

The definition of a Black sell-out is someone who places no value in who they are because they lack self-respect, no knowledge of their history, and is void of dignity and personal integrity. They usually roll with the crowd and follow a leader that possesses something they desire, such as money or material possessions.

Many are ashamed of being Black and their deepest desire is to be counted as part of the white race as they copy the lifestyle, try hard to fit into the culture, and represent the opinions and views of people who also despise Black culture.

Most of the people they copy are agnostic in faith and have rejected religion and God altogether. They look to worldly characteristics to define who they are through educational achievements, the laws of philosophy, the sciences of reason and logic, brute strength and violence, and try hard to erase their consciences of compassion for humanity, because they believe this is what is needed to succeed.

But woe unto the sell-outs because they have set themselves up to become literal slaves to those they envy the most. If the oppressor can convince them to abandon their identity, they can convince them to accept a lower position in society under those they envy. In other words, the sell-out makes the perfect slave.

Like Malcolm X said, the house negro will fight to put the fire out at the master’s house believing the house belongs to him too. When these Black people advocate for those who oppress him, they have sold their souls and their children’s souls to the highest bidder.

Now let us look deeper into the future of America. On the horizon is a government sought after by white men who desperately want to ostracize, neutralize, and return to the days of open oppression of people of color; they are putting in place a system of a new age Jim Crow with Blacks returned to the back of the bus.

Black folks who will be willing to sell-out will believe they deserve this treatment because their oppressor has convinced them they are of no value except what the white man considers valuable. The kicker behind this is that some Black folks will have no will power to resist this reasoning. They have already sold that portion of their soul. They do not see any value in themselves so they will gladly submit to the oppressor.

If the white man tells them there is no God, he will believe there is none. If the white man tells him he himself is God, he will believe him. If the white man tells this Black sell-out that he owns him and is by nature intellectually inferior to him, the Black person will agree with no problem, and will have the nerve to tell other Black folks the same.

The sell-out will not seek answers anywhere else because he has been stripped of ingenuity, brainwashed to history, and convinced there is no way out of the dilemma of his situation. He will not fight back because he has been stripped of free will and owes his own nature to the trust of his oppressor; believing the oppressor knows what is best for him. It is these people who will accept abuse as their destiny, will teach their children to submit to oppression, and will labor to their death at the hands of their abuser.

The ironic part is, the very liberator from oppression this Black sell-out has been taught to reject has the answer to his problem, yet he has resisted this liberator on command of his oppressor and his own refusal to acknowledge a truth because of the suspension of it making him submissive and weak.
However, any religion or spiritual belief will reassure a person that his life, nor his soul, belong to no men, but to He who created him and he has free will to never come under the bondage of men. Jesus said, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28.

The point of His words will free any soul on earth from the oppression of men, because death is the ultimate fear of all men, except those who know there is a liberator higher than man. If a person rejects this truth, they will always be subject to man and his strongholds. They will forever suffer at man’s knowledge, his beliefs, and his imagination.

The moral of this message? A person’s identity is not, and never should be, defined by other people; it is defined by He who fashions the body, mind and soul. Human man can kill the body, they can brainwash the mind, but we all have free will and ownership of our souls. If a person sells their soul, they have given away their life, and there is only one redeemer.