Upholding the Moral High Ground Over American Racism

Systemic racism is alive and everyday it is happening somewhere, all we need to do is document it and put it on display.

Upholding the Moral High Ground Over American Racism

To date, the morality of America is, and always has been, tainted by the ugliness of racism and bigotry. Constitutional, legal, systemic, and personal hate toward not just Blacks, but people who are not white. They simply do not know how to properly integrate with people of color and other cultures.

Granted, there are many whites who have no problem with communicating and being neighbors to non-whites, but there are apparently a large enough percentage of them in power to make the lives of people of color miserable. And there is no cure for those people so everyone else might as well learn to live within and overcome the hate.

So, Blacks and other people of color will have to capitalize on the power we do have, which is the power of the moral high ground. As long as we do not become them and hate and teach hatred to our children, or plot and design systems that will hinder their growth as a people, we can empower a society devoid of hate and racism toward others.

We win by not hurling racial slurs to them in public, taunting and harassing innocent white men, women and children in schools, places of businesses, public events and even in the news media. We have nothing to prove to them or to the world. As long as we live and mind our own business, we are doing the right thing.

While Black people (and other minorities) are being shot at, harassed and killed by police officers, imprisoned for cheap labor, accosted by angry citizens for no reason; threatened for deportation, discriminated against in restaurants, humiliated in the news media, and ignored and turned down by banks for mortgages, auto loans, and private and government contracts, whites can rest assured that that type of treatment is not in the nature of people of color.

By not striking back at them gives us the high ground on the stand of morality and diminishes them to a lower level of humanity, as always. They are ashamed of the way their parents and grandparents treated ours so they have to ban books and history lessons of early American times. Yet the truth can never really be drowned out if we stand on truth.

Find books and photos of those times and show them to your children. Take notes from people over the age of 60 and record their experiences from as far back as 1960, and document every time a white person or institution discriminates against you or a friend or family member. The more proof we have, the higher we rise to morality against their history and present-day hatred.

Point out all hypocrisy, double standards, conspiracy theories, needless persecution, the misinformation and propaganda, the stereotypes, racist imagery, memes, and jokes that spew from the minds and mouths of a people devoid of social propriety.

One thing to be aware of though, they will always counter with excuses, untruths, projections, gaslighting, and how people of color should not complain but be thankful; that slavery and Jim Crow is over and we are playing the race card. However, systemic racism is alive and everyday it is happening somewhere, all we need to do is document it and put it on display. If racism is still happening, they can never live it down and will never have peace.