Combating Honky Ideology

We never have to march again, protest again, or speak a word against racism because their actions reveal their ignorance and their inability to live peaceably with other people except their own.

Combating Honky Ideology

Recent trends in America confirm that racism, in the form of vindictive condescendence via public mainstream media humiliation, Jim Crow justice and Vaudeville-type mockery of Blacks and other people of color is rising and no one, neither Blacks nor whites, know how to impede this rise. 

People of color says let it happen; let them call you racial epithets and practice their racial injustices repeatedly and as viciously as they want because their behavior will eventually blur their logic and perception of their own agenda and thus obstruct their capacity to function logically in the world. As long as they hold power they will impede others from gaining power and to do this they must undermine and taint the images of those others. 

Since they have no true understanding of diplomacy - except in the form of monetary and weapon bribery - and they lack the appropriate social skills to gain the authentic respect and admiration from others rightfully, then they will always have that need to keep some people weak that they make look and feel powerful to others and to themselves. 

When they exhaust all of their so-called civilized approaches to maintaining power, they will resort to (and have already) the tactic they used to gain that power, which are barbaric in means, and there will be no other way to hold that power except to deplete their armory against resistant powers. We are further studying this phenomenon and believe it will be interesting reading for the world in the future. 

Honky Ideology is our stipulated definition of this social degradation of humanity, including Blacks and the treatment of other people of color, by the Anglo Saxon race. Honkyology, therefore, is the study of the origins of, and the rise and fall of Anglo-Saxon thought. 

The Saxons, who settled in England in the fourth century amongst the Romans and Germanic tribes, struggled for power and control of Britain, but the Christian-based Romano-British held tight to power and expanded the Christian empire, yet incorporated much of the Saxon paganisms. The Saxon-British confession to Christianity will make this task that much easier to uncover. 

Furthermore, their impending fall will of itself be brought forth by the very confession to Christianity they proclaim. So, historical records will reveal that this will be the first people in history who will destroy themselves using a form of religion they obviously never really understood; Christianity, which originated in the northern areas of Africa and the middle east, was never a white religion, but in time was adopted by the Roman empire as a form of worship because they had no God except for the mythological gods of Greece, who were in fact, not real. 

True spirituality confounded the Saxons for decades before they coveted Christianity as their own, but not without blending forms of Anglo-paganism into the newly found religion Thus are traditions and such untruths as Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, white Jesus, and other agonistic theories still practiced today. 

So, the fact that many whites have no real understanding of the principles of a religion they claim to champion - as seen through their acts of racial hatred toward other cultures in humanity - should be no surprise to Blacks or other world cultures who know their history. 

The fact remains, they had no understanding of Christianity from the start; they only took what other cultures knew as sacred and twisted it to fit their own ideology. In Honky Ideology, a Honky is a person of Anglo-Saxon heritage and low spiritual aptitude who professes to be a God-fearing W.A.S.P. or White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant., yet perpetuates and celebrate the concepts and practices of Anglo-paganism in addition to being taught and believing that the God of Christianity has exalted their race as superior while looking down their noses at others and, therefore, gives them divine right and the social privilege to have first claim to the world’s resources and some form of intellectual preeminence over others. 

Their ideology of life is a conglomeration of ideas on world domination through governmental, military, judicial, religious, and social control over others in the world. For some reason, they believe that their ideologies are better than any other ideologies ever conceived which in turn gives them the right to enforce these ideological concepts on others. 

In terms of others, they believe that all other cultures and peoples of color other than white are somehow barbaric, ignorant, uncivilized or incapable of surviving unless they adopt the ways of Anglo-characteristics. Thus, we have the term, Honky Ideology. In America, at current, whites are at odds on who to hate. 

Some hate the Blacks, some hate the Jews, some hate the Muslims, and some now hate the Hispanics. Regardless of which minority group happens to be in the news media, whites will find a reason to hate them because they are considered an intrusion into their supposedly privileged and gated lives. And regardless of what class whites belong, they feel they have to protect their interest and or standard of living from whomever. 

They cunningly campaign for the future of their children, which actually means protect us from them; whoever them are, and they secretly seek to preserve their race and the whiteness of it. It doing so, they must pinpoint any and everything that is not like them and tag it (or stereotype it) in the media so everyone else of their own can know what is not like them. 

They must maintain power and control of all the country’s economic, social, and educational institutions as well as political, judicial, and medical institutions in order to better themselves over others and protect all their interest. When anything becomes a challenge or threat to their interest, they have to destroy it completely or slowly, depending on who the threat comes from. 

In the case of Blacks, because Blacks have always been here and have learned their ways and understand the religion, even better that they themselves, whites have to continually attack Blacks and their image. And because Blacks are rising in many areas of social positioning and influence, they will target that area and launch a campaign against it to make others, even Blacks themselves, doubt themselves. 

The strategies of white oppression and humiliation consist of many tactics and one most prominent tactic against Blacks is discrimination. Since slavery and Jim Crow, the country has been sort of quite because there was no blatant racism going on, but now racism is rising again because of 911, immigration, and their new apostate MAGA leader; but somehow, whites have found a reason to take it out on Blacks even though it is Islamic radicals that want to kill them and it is Hispanics, they claim, that are a terrorist threat and draining their resources. 

Their cowardness is showing and their distain hatred for Blacks, for no reason, is even more evident So what Blacks should do it this. Rejoice when they call us niggers and every other name in the book; let them unlawfully use the justice system against us, kill our young and our elderly, exclude us from their schools, neighborhoods, and jobs, and project on giant screens negative images of Blacks all over the world via satellite. 

We never have to march again, protest again, or speak a word against racism because their actions reveal their ignorance and their inability to live peaceably with other people except their own. We welcome the post-Jim Crow bigots and their snide remarks; we encourage the college mockers, the black-facers, the cowardly murderous cops, the Karens, the conservative good ole boy Republicans and the sneaky little snot-nose Democrats, and all other racist and bigoted whites in America. 

We invite their vicious words and their snotty attitudes, their locking of car doors and holding of purses in the presence of Black people. We want them to do away with the voting rights act, Affirmative Action, and any other race related laws on their bigoted Constitutional books and pages. We even welcome the token Blacks and their wives, the Oreos, the half-baked white-bred suburban uppity Negroes and their condescension toward their own people. 

All this shows that we are not wrong, that we are not the ones who have human deficiencies, or that we have social shortcomings or lack some God-like quality that only whites supposedly possess. We want whites to go get their rifles, their military-issued artillery, their camouflage gear, their survival mountain gear, their hillbilly friends, their Aryan Brothers, their Skinhead cousins, and their little racist ass wannabee children and we invite them into our little Black ghettos and hoods for a nice, knockdown, drag out good ole fashion race riot so the world can see that it is not Blacks with the problem here, it is their ever-so-loving, precious white folks who have a serious mental blemish where it pertains to humanity and human equality. 

So yes, we want them to do all these things and we should be happy when they do. We should clap our hands when they show such foolishness toward us. We should shout Hallelujah when one of our children die from medical maltreatment or are undereducated and do not make college or when one of our infected brothers or sisters die from a man-made disease that was injected purposefully into us and Afrikaans. 

We should sing aloud when they put on their white hoods and badges, red neck-ties, and Mabeline makeup for the cameras before the nation and tell lies on us and make us look like animals, crooks, liars, idiots, sluts and stuff; we should love when they talk like that about us, because it shows their level of intelligence. 

We should never again march in sorrow or despair, but we should have a parade when they place another brother in prison on suspicion or trumped up charges for extreme lengthy sentences; we should not protest but have a revival when they fire us first or decline us a bank loan because we are Black or when they refuse our application into the suburbs. We should be excited when these things happen because it reveals their lack of commitment to the American diversity they love to lie about. 

Do not take this massive the wrong way, brothers and sisters, this is not a passivist cop-out using an old Civil Rights strategy, no, though MLK does exert a brilliance in his thinking toward psychological and physical warfare, not to mention the divine righteous instruction of the Most High prophet of old, Jesus Christ when he instructed the apostles to turn the other cheek to those enemies who would strike them, leaving the enemy bewildered as to why their victim will not respond with resistance in the form of violence. 

But what one must understand is that the Saxon knows no other way to express himself to get what he wants except to use force, as displayed throughout the world to this day. Furthermore, it would be social and self-genocide for the Black man to physically combat the Saxon on his own turf and terms. Neither are we suggesting that Blacks stand feeble and ineffective against brutal attacks on their livelihood, families, or property, but when faced with such a case and back against the wall, we encourage resistance to the point of protecting oneself by any means necessary against one of these Saxons and afterward asking not a question but for the mercy of God. 

We do, however, suggest Blacks understand that since violence is a religion that Saxons have replaced with spirituality, and spirituality is a virtue inbred in many cultures and people, especially the Black soul, we should know that measured, reverse mental and psychological torment does have power in conquering the weak and meager intellectual abilities of the pagan. We want God, their God to see what type people have laid hold of his name and proclaim to be his followers. 

We want the devil to stand proud and proclaim that this is HIS creation and his generation that is rising against what the world sees as a people helpless against their devises. We want the east, the west, and the middle to know that Black America is innocent in this game of racial dominance and that if it were not for the Anglo-Saxon Honky Ideology, maybe the world would be a better place to live.