Florida Proposes Law to Protect Bigots

Cowards in the Florida Senate want the right to discriminate against whoever they want without repercussions.

Florida Proposes Law to Protect Bigots

If someone in Florida calls a Black person the N-word or call a female a whore or a gay person whatever…and so on, if the person being called the name complains to any authorities, i.e. courts, employer, school, place of business, the person who used the slur can sue the accuser for up to $35,000 for defamation, whether it is true or not.

In short, cowards in the Florida Senate want the right to discriminate against whoever they want without repercussions. Never mind the long-drawn-out battle for the freedom of speech, in which racist have been given an international platform called X, to spew whatever hate they desire; but Florida has taken it a step further and decided they want to have the right to hate (free) speech and not be called out for it.

The Florida senate are a bunch of soft, wimpy white men and women who are trying to resurrect the times before Civil Rights were passed for people of color. Do not get this wrong in any way, sexist, homophobic, and trans hate speech is not the actual target here. There are some white folks who just want the right to call Black folks the N-word in public. That’s all.

The bill may never pass but if so, it would testify to the bigots on the courts and the systemic racism that CRT talks about. They are merely proving what everyone already knows, which is some white folks are full of unjust, uncivil morals and have no intensions of changing.

And please know that among the people who support this type legislation are pastors; church leaders who hide in the darkness of their congregations and say nothing about the hypocrisy, hate, and racism going on in this country. They support a man who kicked off his presidential campaign calling Hispanics rapist and swearing to protect white supremacist in court against hate crimes.

Here is a message to all people of color. Go about your daily life as though none of this is real because the authors of this bill and those who will benefit from it have set themselves up for divine retribution and a powerful backlash of Karma. They are not a spiritual people and have no conscience of God.