Shedding Light on the Dark Realities of Ignorance and Racism

This is a country backsliding into a form of intellectual ignorance not seen in 150 years. They are dismantling their own Constitution to say what they feel and to justify their hatred toward others not white.

Shedding Light on the Dark Realities of Ignorance and Racism

Societies usually mature as they age and grow from medieval practices of science, technology and knowledge of the earth, into more civilized beings who improve life for the masses. Rarely in history; however, does a society regress in behavior and common logic as have the United States today.

Of the many retro behaviors this country is experiencing aside from reversing their own laws and Constitutional theories, there are fears of social behavior reversing themselves in race relations. Some dark forces have been unchained and released back into social norms that suggest that whites are privileged and superior to all other races and should be treated as such.

For instance, Affirmative Action has been reversed by the Supreme Court because in their logic, race should not be a factor when considering students for certain colleges. Civil Rights organizations beg to differ responding that there would be no need for such a law if there was no racism. If whites were not segregationist, of course anyone should have no problem getting into white schools. But we all know the truth, which is whites do not now, and never wanted to share educational facilities with Blacks, or any other facility, which is why they discriminate, redline, and gerrymander.

In other race-related situations, laws have been passed that protect against this ridiculous theory of race supremacy in order for people of color to gain access to the same opportunities and lifestyles that have been denied to Blacks and afforded to whites throughout America’s history. The problem is not hard to see. It is what we call the truth.

Nevertheless, Jim Crow type laws and treatment of Blacks are rearing their heads once again through words, pictures, and treatment of Blacks every day and more often. Since the rise of racist in chief, Donald Trump, the bigots and their children are at it again. The ignorance is back and they are hurling the N-word, plotting segregationist policies in education, the workplace, in general society and especially in law enforcement.

In fact, law enforcement is their go-to defense against diversity and racial tolerance of any other people of color. They are lying about crime and blaming Blacks, justifying murder of Black men, defending white murderers of Black mass shootings, rapes, and kidnappings. They are turning other people of color against Blacks by feeding them lies, fear, and ignorant racial stereotypes, and these people are falling for it all. This also shows a rise of ignorance in other hyphenated Americans.

Trailer trash white folks can spout off racial slurs on the media, on social media platforms and even in political speeches and debates without retribution or correction from anyone with any sense. This is ignorance also. White celebrities, sports figures, and news anchors can blurt out whatever they want, commit crimes against Blacks and the poor, and bold face lie about whoever they want whenever they want. This is also ignorance.

As the country enters new political battles the ignorance will grow which will cause the racism to increase, because racism comes from ignorance, and this is how the theory of white intellect as superior has been debunked. How can a people be intellectually superior when they are in constant racial ignorance mode by calling people names, lying on, depriving and stealing from them? How can anyone think that these people are mature adults or even take them seriously? How do they get jobs? How do they operate businesses, and how ignorant and stupid will their children be?

In a country that passes out guns and pharmaceutical drugs like Halloween candy, that revel in taking away human rights, that find pleasure in depriving the needy, punishing the innocent, and pushing fear through lies, how can anyone believe that these type of people mean well for any society? They legalized bribery, codified police brutality, make laws to kill protesters who protest against injustice, glamorize and give media attention to white street gangs and Nazi’s and then turn and do entire documentaries on Hitler.

This is a country backsliding into a form of intellectual ignorance not seen in 150 years. They are dismantling their own Constitution to say what they feel and to justify their hatred toward others not white. They are upholding judges who pervert the law, lawyers who tells lies and defend the guilty and make millions doing so; they invest in multimillion dollar prison systems and military complexes that promote torture, murder, and the taking of human freedom, and then turn around and holler something about liberty, freedom, and Democracy, and that they as whites are being oppressed.

Blacks and other people of color need to prepare for more of the same ignorance and immaturity that this creed of people was possibly put on this earth for; the abuse, mistreatment and exploitation of other human beings all to their own pleasure, with a destiny we are watching right now and their fall from grace. The irony is they are so ignorant they have not figured out that the cause of their problems is the result of how they have treated people throughout history. This is the ultimate form of ignorance. 

The best strategy against this trend of ignorance is to maintain a sense of intelligence, sanity, and common sense. In the face of name calling – which they do so well – people need to swat down their foolishness with the strength of resilience, words of truth and always do what is right to teach them how wrong they are. It is difficult to turn the other cheek and to resist vengeance, and much easier to strike back in violence and ignorance, but that would only feed their lust for violence, hate, and destruction. In the end, they will soon destroy themselves because they are their own, and only enemy.