The Future of Black America on Brown Street

This is not a pipe-dream. This is a vision and a warning to Black America. We need to get serious about our future. This country is headed in a self-destructive direction. With authoritarianism on the horizon, the Black community must get up off the corporate playing field and take a stand.

The Future of Black America on Brown Street

This is not a pipe-dream. This is a vision and a warning to Black America. We need to get serious about our future. This country is headed in a self-destructive direction. With authoritarianism on the horizon, the Black community must get up off the corporate playing field and take a stand.

We all read about the success and unity of Black Wall Street of Tulsa OK, and then its overwhelming destruction by the envy and violence of whites, and we mourn the lost and grieve in the memories, longing for something like that in our lifetime. And it is possible.

According to market analyses by Mckinsey and Company, “in 2019, consumer expenditures by Black households totaled approximately $835 billion.” They advertise a 300-billion-dollar market for Black consumers to their clients. That is billionaire status. Blacks have the money to nation build, but the major players are on the plantation. What we mean by major players are those who play by the rules of the corporations and owners and have no faith in their own potential or who see no future and lack vision for Black America.

Year after year, we watch other cultures thrive in America while we become consumers of their products; the Koreans, the Asians, the Arabs and the Jews, and we work our butts off in white corporations making other people rich. At times it seems there is definitely a plot against Black collectivism and growth and we just cannot seem to break through. This is not true, we can. The problem is we are hurting our own selves by lack of vision and having a solid grasp on how much investment capital we actually have. Instead, we have been convinced we have buying power, not investment power.

The collective wealth, skills, and talents of Black America include many, and not just in entertainment and sports, but in marketing, event planning, accounting, law, medicine, engineering and science; but we lack the foresight to understand how we can use these skills and build a bigger, better Black Wall Street, or the new Brown Street. Brown Street is a coalition of the Black community and other cultures in America fed up with old white men ruling their lives. We must utilize these other skills and cultures to build on top of the celebrity idolatry and corporate plantations.

The key is in reaching down to the bottom of the community first and not the top. We need street-level talent and skill, and they need jobs; the millions of high school, HBCU graduates, and the entrepreneur brothers and sisters of the street. Success with these groups will draw the attention of the wealthier of the community. If the wealthy of the group understood how 48 (plus) million Blacks could boost their wealth through productivity toward nation building and not through ticket sells, they will be interested.

The Timeline

The plan is to take the model of nation building and apply it to the new Brown Street. A venture of this sort will take time and planning. We conclude that it would take close to 30 years to build a Black economy with a step-by-step blueprint. First, we buy land in four to five states. This takes an investment coalition. Then we ask the question, what does every one need? Currently in America, there are many needs, but at the root, people need clothes. Not designer clothes or overpriced sneakers and Gucci wear, but basic, durable clothes. Jeans, Jackets, and shoes and of course the accessories. It is just that simple. One product to begin nation building. Just one.

Next, we either buy or build production and office facilities. If we have legal or zoning or racist problems with one state, go to another. This is basic real estate investment. Many brothers and sisters have this knowledge already. What is needed is a solid plan of investment that will spread across the country and bring results. Marketed properly to the Black community, it will work.

Manufacturing, distributing and marketing the clothes take many different skill sets, such as tailors, warehouse workers, truck drivers, administration, customer service, sales reps, accountants, a legal team, and other career fields. This means jobs for the community and if a production facility were built in four or five states, we can reach ten major cities, which provides jobs to hundreds of thousands of families, single mothers and graduating youth. The corporate economic and cultural model would fall under family focus, not shareholders.

With the profits from the clothing line, we establish another product for the public that appeals to their wants this time instead of needs, such as entertainment. This is where the athletes and entertainers come in. We do not need the celebrity athletes and entertainers; we get people off the streets with those skills and enhance them. This calls for instructors, coaches, and teachers of the history of Black entertainment, sports, and Black contribution to the building of the USA. For this we need independent schools and training facilities; equals, more jobs.

In the meantime, we raise more money through events such as concerts, sporting events with independent Black leagues (it is not like Blacks have not had their own leagues before, and we sure as hell need them now), including and especially basketball (take the NBA from whites), football and track and field, tennis and even golf. Since Blacks dominate the fields, why not develop our own to profit and build further. Still investing, recruiting, training and employing.

There would be sporting drafts from Black colleges and high schools from all over the country, with recruiting stations jam packed for tryouts. Recruiters will visit Black schools and pick only the choice candidates, those who are, first of all, good at balling, and those who maintained excellent GPA’s. We also search out the brightest of Black youth and place them in career fields, whether administration, technology, or anywhere they shine and personally fulfilled.

The concerts and events take organization also which require marketers, planners, sales reps, accountants and again, a legal team. These events and production facilities include all the other needed skills and trades that would employ and empower Black communities, and will increase learning and confidence in Black youth, knowing they have a place to go for job security or to show off their talent.

Stadium and colosseum owners would be glad to sponsor an organization that brings a crowd of ticket holders to an hour-long football or basketball pre-game show that consists of newly discovered indie Black talent. Educated Black speakers open the event and afterward talented singers, backup dancers, capture the audience of not only Black, but white and other cultures who strive to audition and perform also; seeking inclusion into the expanding new Brown Street.

The proceeds from ticket sales go toward the schools that will train and educate the best Black talent in many areas like math, finance, law, science, and medicine along with the athletes and entertainers, which include actors as well as singers and dancers. Entire streaming platforms dedicated to this new Brown Street venture bringing in residual income to hundreds of thousands of Black investors and shareholders.

Parents will be more willing to encourage their children to do better and there will be no shame in pushing your Black son, or daughter, to become an athlete or entertainer and do their best now because it is for the good and empowerment of the Black community, and not for the benefit of corporate exploiters. From these efforts will also spring forth the need for insurance coverage, health, home, and life, which requires a whole new skill set from Black youth and also investment opportunities.

The Problems

With every adventure of this magnitude there comes some problems. The way we handle these will determine our success or failure. We must learn from the past. One valuable lesson is the rise and fall of the Nation of Islam under Malcolm X. Jealousy took root within the core of the organization and fractured what the brothers had built over the years. Another red flag is covert operations from the outside government agencies that destroyed the Garvey Movement, the Black Panthers and MLK.

We must acknowledge these possible inflections along with the constant threat of white rage, envy and domestic terrorism. Which is why most of the proceeds from the production and events go to a system of defense. Not one of violence but once of observable protection and a team of ambassadors to negotiate with authorities on the local and United States government level. This is an important point. Because violence begets violence but peace subdues it. There are some level-headed people in the US government who do not want to see another Tulsa.

There will be new laws passed by bigoted lawmakers that prohibit “certain people,” from purchasing land and buildings in certain areas, we know this, which is why we purchase the land first before the venture and we secure the land we own now in perpetual legalities that cannot be broken. They will write laws of all sorts that thwart our efforts and with each new law proposed, we negate it with logic and common laws of the land. There are many lawmakers who believe in cultural sovereignty, not all are bigots.

An undertaking of this magnitude requires people with a vision and the determination that struggle against all odds for the survival of a people from extinction. Statistics show that white America will become a minority by 2050 so we must prepare for an opening to the capital markets and leadership roles. There is no room for potential sellouts, weak links or infiltrators thus we must stand with the vetting process as thoroughly as possible. This means ratifying the authenticity of self-styled Black cards only to brothers and sisters who we know are down for the struggle. The naysayers are the first to be exposed and eliminated.

The ones who from the start say “this cannot be done,” or “it will never work.” They are already doomed to exclusion to remain on the plantation. This type of negativity will not be tolerated and only the minds that can see the vision and are prepared for the long-haul will be given access to the future of the new Brown Street. The minds of every person who took part and lived the former Black Wall Street understood this mentality and they persevered. So, nothing less is tolerated.

The Expansion

Once the production foundation of the clothing line (or whatever we produce) is active, then everything else falls in place. But in the meantime, we need people who are working on the other projects such as the entertainment industry, the back-office needs, and the marketing and panning of each and every other project to come. It all has to roll in place and planned properly. Of course, we can use the outside help of other cultures but only those who see the vision and want to help it grow, not destroy it. They therefore must pass through the vetting process for approval.

This is not hard to do, it is done every day by millions of people from top executives down to the operations of a drug cartel. Organization is simple, it’s the dedication and the need for a vision that sustains the venture and assures the success. Outside threats cannot bring us down because we have lived through worse and can handle discouragement, disappointment, and open threats to our person. We must utilize all resources and talent in technology, AI, social media and especially ground recruitment.

Five years of land purchases, two years of buying and building, two years of recruiting and producing, and one year to have the bottom operation up and running. Which totals ten years to establishment, which takes us to the year 2035. The beginning phase will be the most difficult because we have to convince a few people to get started with the promotion and branding of the new Brown Street. They will reach out to the major players, community leaders and proposition people in their circles to invest, using a vision that is realistic.


This project does not need the funding of major celebrities and athletes or rappers. It needs to prove to them that the project will bring them extra income if they invest. Nor do we need government funding or grants. We need a grassroots movement that believes in the vision and are willing to invest their hard-earned dollars into Black America’s future. The rest will come in time.

This project cannot afford the celebrity limelight and drama that comes with it. Black celebrities are already beefing among themselves and are constantly distracted and manipulated by their corporate overseers and media entourage. We cannot afford scandal on something as important as the future of this project. We cannot be compromised by the negative coverage of celebrity foolishness. They are engulfed in drugs, hypersexuality, demonic forces, and secret societies. These are things we do not need and the main reasons most Black organizations and movements fail. Oh, and greed.

Sacrifices must be made on the part of the Black community. In order to build the financial foundation we need, Black consumers (workers) must first believe in the vision and then invest funds they know are wasted on consumer purchases and services from other cultures. Ladies, hair and nails, designer children’s clothes, and expensive trips, weddings, and shopping sprees. Brothers can downgrade from BMWs to Hondas, spending on sporting events and entertainment and encourage their families to do the same and encourage them of the future to come. We all get a return on our investment.

Self-discipline is needed and a general fund that takes in what is willing to be sacrificed. And people need to know their investment is secure and their future is in the hands of a team of professional, vision-driven group of Black leaders (not one leader), who know and understand the mission and cannot be enticed by the same forces that brought down BLM and past movements. Priorities must be in line and unbreakable. Ethics and honesty are needed to complete each project, and young Black America must be excited about what they are going to inherit. The mission is doable by all means.