White Supremacy Vs Humanity

Watching this attempted government takeover is almost worth waiting for, for the simple reason of a sociological study and as a story for future reference.

White Supremacy Vs Humanity

It is becoming suspect how this country, under both political parties, seem to be obviously designing and implementing a white supremacist agenda into the country in an attempt to regain control. This means that in the near future, America will see a change toward chaos and violence not seen by anyone living today.

This means that white guys and gals will rise up embolden enough to start openly and brazenly provoking personal attacks and casually using racial slurs in public, causing more violence against people of color at the same time bringing it on themselves, and making up reasons to shoot and kill people. This is how they will take back their country and Make America Great Again, using violence, threats, force and the corruption of justice. Because intelligence is apparently not on their side.

If they were using intellect to make change, they would not need violence and they would count up the cost of rising against a melting pot of people homegrown into the country as much as they. And this is where they are going to make a huge mistake by miscalculating their efforts and will soon regret their push for power using threats and violence.

It will be so interesting to watch these white folks try and bring down Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, and Jews – all the people they hate – and make this an all-white country. Not to mention their evolving second attempt of world domination because of their distain against China, many Middle Eastern countries, Africa, and their new hate agenda against NATO countries. Their only allies would be Russia – another pure white nation – and Hungary, a so-called Christian nation-state. So, this entire debacle is a new push for white world dominance.

Watching this attempted government takeover is almost worth waiting for, for the simple reason of a sociological study and as a story for future reference. And as with most government takeovers, they will need military power to complete the job and a long-term plan to confine and maintain those they have suppressed.

This means bloodshed, which they have all but promised, complete with many inhumane acts against neighbors, strangers, and innocent people. They will have to turn to blood thirsty murderers to finish a job of this magnitude. They will have to resort to the type of people their forefathers were during the times of genocide of Native Americans and the brutal treatment of Africans, Jews, East Asian and South Americans lands.

History will not reward them with accolades of heroes and Bravehearts, but will attach the label of brute beast like the Bible talks about. They will be considered by the world as barbarians, warmongers, and demonic spirits of the underworld. Because this is nowhere near the championship gospel or spiritual victory they assume it will be. They will not have the grace of God on their side. 

God will not honor their conquest because they have resorted to the same level of brutishness they started with at the beginning of this God-forsaken nation. When God is not in the fight, they lose against their perceived enemies, no matter how many bodies are in battle and regardless of what weapons are used. This is a losing battle for anyone who will try to eliminate others of humanity based on skin color. In their cheers of spiritual victory, they will actually be praising the rise of the antichrist and the coming destruction of the world.

Sadly, the white Evangelical Christians who have been indoctrinated by their pastors to believe white is godly and that Jesus is one of them, will celebrate a short victory believing that God exalted their man into power. The deception will be so great it will fool “the very elect,” Matthew 24:24. But it will not take long for them to realize that violence is not God’s will once they see the carnage and injustice they have unleashed against their neighbors.

What is worse, is that people have been deceived to think that this supremacist move will not lead to the beginning of WW3. They have been convinced that the next world war will come through their opponents instead. But the groundwork is being laid for not only a national takeover, but a take over of the world by white nations. And if they cannot have it, they will destroy life as we know it.

This is not a win for them. It will be a slow death and the final blow to their egos and theories of superiority. This is so dumb; to take up arms and impose laws against everyone that is not white. Hopefully they are not banking on recruiting other colors to their side to fight against all those they hate. Too many people and nations on earth have felt the white fist of fury and have built up animosity inside them waiting on this very day.