The Plot to Emasculate the Black Man

There are three ways Black men are being emasculated today: imprisonment, media propaganda, and the elevation of the Black woman.

The Plot to Emasculate the Black Man

We know the stories of “buck-breaking” and how white men would publicly humiliate Africans during slavery, not only in front of crowds of whites, but in front of his own family. We also know the stories of disenfranchisement of Black men during America’s industrial revolution when millions of whites and new immigrants prospered from bank loans, good jobs, and sprawling suburban neighborhoods while Black men were left to fend in ghettos. But that is all history; let us turn toward how the emasculation of Black men works today.

There are three ways Black men are being emasculated today: imprisonment, media propaganda, and the elevation of the Black woman. These three methods have additional variables all their own that further neutralize Black men.

First, imprisonment removes the Black man from society and diminishes his ability to lead a normal life. It further reduces his ability to raise his children, provide for his woman, and to grow his intellect and skills. This is the white man’s initial reason for confining Black men. But he has an underhanded motive behind imprisonment that reveals his perverted and distorted view of humanity and gives rise to his belief in the subhuman nature of the Black man.

His scientific hypothesis is that if men are confined with one another long enough, they will begin to develop sexual attraction toward each other and eventually turn to homosexuality. However, this belief only confirms the white man’s attempt at projection. For he himself is born with an unnatural affection for the opposite sex thus he attempts to project those feelings onto Black men.

Furthermore, by confining Black men together give the white man the opportunity to treat them like animals in an experiment to return Black men to a primitive state of being; mentally under-developed and brutal toward one another as a means of survival. This mentality in Black men is reflected in the violence toward one another in Black communities around the country and set the stage for the next form of emasculation.

Media propaganda profiles Black men as brutal, criminal-minded and dangerous. Even at the highest levels of government, Black men are deemed terrorist threats and suspected of conspiring against white men in vengeance. Once again, this is a method of projection on the part of the white man because it is he, who is literally terroristic by nature and conniving against all others who are not white.

Local and national television news profile Black men on a constant negative bases and subliminally implant stereotypical images into the minds of supposed innocent and helpless whites. As a result, white folks live in fear of Black men regardless of what class status they hold.

Hollywood has a hand at emasculating Black men also by portraying them as criminals, depraved and over-sexed to borderline feminine. They literally pay Black actors to represent lifestyles that demean the Black man’s natural persona by cross-dressing them and feminizing their character. At any point in a Black man’s career, white men conspire to bring them down and undermine any of their achievements. Even after their death, the white media continues to tarnish their legacies.

Finally, the Black woman has always been a tool to emasculate Black men. By reducing the Black man’s ability to provide, white men have all but diminished his reputation among Black women and forced her to struggle by other means. Government assistance for her and her children, protection from the Black man in terms of law enforcement, and the recruitment of the Black women into the white workforce has deepened the divide between Black men and women for years.

Until the Black woman faces the fact that there is a true conspiracy against Black men and that they themselves are being used to further that conspiracy, the Black family will suffer at the hands of white hatred. However, Black women feed into the conspiracy by undermining the abilities and any accomplishments of Black men by constantly aspiring to the accomplishments and possessions of the white lifestyle. Money speaks volumes and most Black women will betray their men when money is a factor.