Where Was God During American Slavery?

Never think that God has not seen or done anything to white folks for their treatment of Black Africans, their descendants, and their other worldly victims. They are a cursed people who are slowly seeing their own demise and they cannot turn it back.

Where Was God During American Slavery?

This question is being asked in condescension by Blacks who basically have no knowledge of history or of the essence of God and His relationship with mankind. It seems that when they ask this question, they are looking for a textbook answer that documents a time when God returned to earth and struck white folks with lightening as the whip came down. But acts of violent, physical vengeance is not how God operates.

God’s retribution comes in the form of the natural law of sowing and reaping, like gravity; what goes up must come down. Evil and wicked behavior is always rewarded with retribution, always, every time, and in its own perfect timing. But according to the way people who ask this question think, they expect historical documents of each time retribution hit white folks as they committed the horrific act of the slave trade. Ironically, they are correct, but they lack the insight and perception to realize what God has actually done over time.

Looking back at history, white folks have suffered major blows to their operations during the long centuries of the slave trade and their treatment of Africans in the Americas, as well as their treatment of native Americans, South Americans, far east countries, and any other country that was at one time occupied by indigenous peoples and colonized by whites. To this day, in fact, whites are suffering from divine retribution in the worse form, which is a loss of mental stability and a sense of reality.

Because of their barbaric behavior toward mostly innocent people, they are losing touch with reality and any sense of godliness, human decency, or a connection to nature and the creation itself. In the past, they have resorted to mythical, unrealistic, and nonhuman deities and behavior that is not connected to the natural order of life, and have resorted to the worship of murder, blood thirst, and torture of other humans as a sport, totally indifferent to God’s creation of life. Want documented evidence?

During the times of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, European countries were facing times of famine, wars and plagues that brought illnesses and death to massive populations in Europe. They had to search the world for relief. Their explorers were not led by the divine favor of God to begin new lands and civilizations, they were nothing more than desperate crooks and thieves robbing indigenous lands for their resources to send back to Europe. They were not inspired by God but frowned upon and quickly punished for their crimes against humanity.

Their minds began to turn toward unnatural affections and homosexuality in the Greek and Roman empires. They held deadly games in entire colosseums to watch men fight each other to the death and be eaten by lions and other wild beast. This was not humane, but insane. Their philosophers were dismayed by hallucinations of mythical gods of the sun and figures of half human half beast whom they worshipped and pledged to instead of acknowledging the All Mighty Creator of the earth and humanity.

They lived in times of oligarchal wealth and extreme poverty with royalty and peasantry living side by side, without any knowledge of equity among humanity, but of selfishness and lust. They praised thievery, greed, and found pleasure in leaving millions of their own people to die in poverty of starvation and disease. These things were happening during the time of the slave trade but is never documented as punishment from God, but as heroic stories of conquest and discovery. Europe was known for its wealth and royalty and gave birth to America, and it too, grew into a nation of European rebels turned adventuring founding fathers of freedom.

When the slaves reached the Americas, stories of great wealth and profit was printed and told around the world as America became great because of its entrepreneurial capitalism and the spirit of Protestantism. A religious land of the free inspired by the goodness and favor of God. That was far from the truth. The white men of this country were brutal taskmasters untouched by human compassion or godly grace and mercy. They were murderers, rapist, brutalizers, and greedy businessmen who saw the lives of Africans as animalistic and the natives of America as savage. These are not qualities of a people favored by God, but grieved by God and inspired by evil.

So, they reaped all that they sowed through disease, starvation, uprising of the slaves, death by native Indian tribes and most of all, war amongst themselves here and in Europe. Ultimately, God’s law of human nature dictated that if the Africans were being killed mercilessly, so would the white man on this new land; therefore, other white men came from overseas to kill and slaughter one another by the hundreds of thousands in the Revolutionary War. Moreover, because of the cruelty toward the slaves, the white man’s mind became so demented and greedy that he turned on himself and a Civil War ensued wherewith another hundreds of thousands of them killed one another to create bloody battle fields that they seditiously celebrate to this day.

Further into the future, white men in America fought other white men in Europe, Germany and abroad and millions killed each other in World Wars over money and power. White women lost their husbands, and their children became bastards, juvenile delinquents, and poverty-stricken as financial depression hit the States. Even today, white men suffer from physical and mental disfigurement, drug and alcohol abuse as a result of fighting an unnecessary war in Vietnam, all for the sake of the top wealthy, 1 percent. They were fooled by their own dishonest leaders. This is not a design from God, but a curse.

In addition to living in fear and resentment for their treatment of Black Africans and their ability to always bounce back, white men stole ideas from Blacks and capitalized off those ideas without shame or guilt, but they hid these truths from the world in shame. White women watched their husband’s rape and sleep with African women and had to raise their babies. White men found out their wives were choosing African men to sleep with and having their African babies. They took their anger out on the slaves by beating and hanging them. The mental torture was more than they could bare.

They resorted to hiding under sheets and terrorizing Black families at night as cowards do. To this day, white men walk in fear of Black men near their women. They invented abortion to rip babies from women’s wombs because they have lost the concept of the value of human life, especially their own. They will forever carry this torture around as they do now, claiming the “Great Replacement Theory.” They are afraid of Black leadership and strong Black men and movements; in fear of being retaliated against by mobs of Black men if they ever get power. So, they constantly think of ways to oppress and neutralize Black America. 

They hate their own women and overtly oppress and abuse them and many grown white men find pleasure in beating on Black women and children instead of challenging the Black man fairly, but instead ambush and blow his brains out for no reason like cowards do. Rest assured, though not published in the news media, these cowards suffer in silence and their lives and families are slowly and quietly dismantled by divine retribution.

They lie to their own people, deceive them, exploit them, experiment on them, sell them out to other nations and have taken from them their livelihood and the American dream. They have incurable diseases spreading throughout the nation for decades. Cancers, mental disorders and deadly sexual diseases that no other country has. They misuse drugs and push it into their own children’s veins and lungs, and they are turning to guns as a self-soothing mental and suicidal obsession. They hate themselves so much they have given up on God and any hope of reconciling to the natural order of life. Therefore, they wish obliteration of the planet and seek to escape to outer space.

They are building bunkers to hide from what they know is their own destruction. They have turned to robotics to escape responsibility for the damage they have done to the natural earth and its inhabitants and will soon blame it all on technology and out of control androids that they have programmed to hate humanity. They are blinding the public with lies of space aliens, UFOs, and conspiracy theories of mutant, lizard people and foreign terrorist coming to destroy the average suburban and rural family. All lies of fear and guilt. They have become lunatic and mentally deranged.

These are a broken people who have been disconnected from God a long time ago. He sees everything they do and have done and have basically allowed themselves to destroy themselves instead of Him doing it for them. All their empires have fallen one by one and currently the last of their empire is crumbling, Europe and the United States. The oh so brilliant white male politicians have turned against their own theory of an independent nation of freedom and Democracy and are ushering in another form of oligarchal royalist/peasantry society, which is currently collapsing by the rules of natural law.

Never think that God has not seen or done anything to white folks for their treatment of Black Africans, their descendants, and their other worldly victims. They are a cursed people who are slowly seeing their own demise and they cannot turn it back. Even their religious leaders are reprobate in mind and have been blinded by God because of their indifference toward the hate they have spread across the world using and taking His name in vain; so, God gave them a leader that is destroying their ability to reason. The most blessed people are the victims of the white man. It may look bleak, but only spiritual eyes can see that God has seen all and been busy taking vengeance on evil.

“The days of visitation are come, the days of recompence are come; Israel shall know it: the prophet is a fool, the spiritual man is mad, for the multitude of thine iniquity, and the great hatred.” Hosea 9:7.

Africa Has Always Been In The Bosom Of God