It’s About to Get Real: Black Rappers, Celebs and Politicians Ain’t Gonna Help You

People need to seriously prepare their last days on this earth if they are not willing to go into a second era of bondage.

It’s About to Get Real: Black Rappers, Celebs and Politicians Ain’t Gonna Help You

In case you have not heard, the Supreme Court just gave a white supremacist the power to do whatever he wants, using government agencies, law enforcement, and the military. It is time to humble yourselves from your pride of life and start thinking toward how you are going to protect yourself, those like you, and your family.

Black America seriously needs to wake up to what is happening. This country has fallen and been taken over by people who hate Black faces, immigrants, and the poor and basically anybody who is not white and bred in a certain way. People need to seriously prepare their last days on this earth if they are not willing to go into a second era of bondage.

These white folks have lapsed in psychological development and revered back to a form of medieval, mental deprivation. Any hope of sanity among politicians or the justice system have been compromised for total power and control over the weak. Weak meaning, if you have placed all your hopes and dreams into your life and the material things you possess; your position, education, or market value, you better begin to release these things from your heart, because they can legally take it if they want to and reduce you to a beggar.

If you think that rich and so-called powerful rappers and Black celebrities are going to take a stand against the injustice headed our way, or some Black politician will fight for our rights, flush that hope down the toilet because they will be facing the same things every other Black person will face. If you think some public announcement from a Black athlete or entertainer is going to sooth the hate from the hearts of these people determined to prove their supremacy, you are a fool.

In the minds of the oppressor, these people are just as Black as you and me and their worth and stardom means nothing. Get your head out of the television and concerts; off their social media pages liking the crap they brag about every day. Going forth, get your head into the real world and see what threats are on the horizon. The wealthy leaders of this country are laying the groundwork for a dictatorship run by a deranged man who is filled with vengeance in his heart.

He is backed by angry, blood and power thirsty white boys and women who want to see pain and suffering in the eyes of those they hate. Social media will only be good for transferring messages across the underground that will help other Blacks and minorities escape government sanctioned police militias, and mobs of gun carrying bigots searching to kill, steal and destroy. All the fun is over. The days of Civil and human rights have been compromised and your accomplishments mean nothing and will get you no latitude.

Save your money and stop spending foolishly. Think about those you love and make a list of people you will need to check on. Plan routes to their whereabouts and be prepared to travel unsafe roads. Begin to group together brothers and sisters in the neighborhood and warn them that they may all need each other’s backs. Identify places of refugee, strongholds, and makeshift bunkers just in case of military invasion, because this is the type of thing this crazy man will do.

If there are any Black organized gangs or pro-Black movements left in the Black community, they better take a long look at each other and take note of the blood line. These are not your enemies. These boys need to harden up and understand that the white boys out there are training to draw blood from your head, your woman and your child. And remember the prisoners bound by hate.

Listen for contact codes, places of meeting, and Black movements prepared for this very thing. If necessary, start one. And most importantly, overcome any fears of death and have faith in the afterlife and a God awaiting those who are about to go through this persecution and ethnic cleansing of this supremacist country. But know also, that God is real and would that a person dies than serve in bondage to any man.