J125 – A Resolution of Resistance for Black America

Black folks in America need to wake the hell up. Whether you believe in Black unity or not, the fact is the Black nation will be forced into a corner against our own will.

J125 – A Resolution of Resistance for Black America

Black folks in America need to wake the hell up. This country is on the cusp of a Civil riot and an attempt to resegregate Blacks and other minorities. Through legal, physical, and institutional racism, the most ardent and wealthiest racist in this country are no longer hiding their hate for people of color; they are constructing laws that will attempt to place minorities into a subservient position beneath them.

Violent white militias including police forces, (12,000 Reasons Blacks and Other Colors Need to Arm Themselves, Now), ex-military vets and Federal agents of many government law agencies, such as the CIA, FBI, DEA, and others are arming themselves to enforce the aggressions of their dictatorial leader if he takes office in 2025. This is not a test; this is an emergency.

Lawyers, judges, employers, citizens and even other minorities are gearing up to take their hate and frustrations out on Black folks first, and then other minorities they hate. Governors, mayors, Congressional and Senate leaders have an agenda they have been issued once their leader is reinstalled. This country will no longer be the same America you woke up to this morning.

The law will not be on your side. The police will not protect let alone serve you. Your neighbors will turn on you, talk down to you and accuse you of crimes. Your employer will find petty reasons to fire you to see your financial ruined. Your white friends you trusted in will turn against you to save their own livelihoods. The teachers who teach your kids, the doctors who diagnose you and the rights you thought you had will all be turned against you just to see you and your family suffer.

Our only chance is to fight back using nontraditional methods and taking on a new attitude toward what will become a nation of regenerated hate and oppression. Below is a plan that will sustain us until a breakthrough comes from wherever our salvation lies. 

In case of emergency, J125 is the glass breaker. January 1, 2025 is the day Black America will enact a movement of resistance against the agenda set forth by America’s new regime of racial oppressors. If their leader is reelected to the White House, this country will change for the worse. Black America and other minority groups must be prepared.

Below is a blueprint of what needs to be done to resist against this new era of Jim Crow. Hate will be the driving force against people of color, new age forms of oppression and public persecution will be written into new laws and policies as acts of vengeance against minority groups. We must fight back using a proactive resistance because returning to the old tactics of marches and protest will not work. They will be outlawed!

No more marches, voter campaigns, or complaining. We are going to need real-time action that will counter the hate and violence against our communities, families, and our livelihood. Of course, violence is their number one objective so we must prepare to defend ourselves against their acts of terror. Below are all things to consider in this new war of the races.

1.    Arm yourselves: As sad as this need is, we know that violence is not the answer to solving conflict but we are up against a people whose internal nature is to hurt, torture, and kill their perceived enemies. Throughout American history, Blacks have been a scapegoat for white violence and anger. In the past, Blacks were unprepared and forbidden from carrying and purchasing firearms. But times have changed and millions of Blacks have access to guns, which gives us an advantage against the violence they seek. It will get ugly.

2.    Utilize Our Purchasing Power: In 2023, African Americans have an estimated $1.6 trillion in spending power. Our dollars have a great impact on the GDP of the US and we can use this power to cripple a large portion of the economy in order to make a statement. On J125, we must sacrifice our material pleasures to bring attention to the attempt to neutralize the Black community as a whole. We have a chance to cripple the economic powers of the US.

Goods and services Blacks must Refrain from Purchasing:

a.    Automobiles – pay your car off and keep it running.
b.    Designer Clothing and Personal care items.
c.    Eat-out dining – cook at home.
d.    Alcoholic beverages, domestic travel and the night life.
e.    Homes, Home goods, and Electronics.
f.    Concerts and sporting events.

Basic necessities such as food, utilities, and health care are essential for survival however, some things we can do without. After as little as 1 month to 6 months of at least 80% of the Black population refraining from making these type purchases, America would see a significant drop in the GDP. It would be enough to take serious notice, and many companies that manufacture these goods and services and market to the Black community and those who likely practice racist employment tactics would definitely feel the blow as well as hear the statement.

Afterward, they will suggest a return to slave labor using draconian laws to push Blacks and other minorities into situations of despair. This is where our will as human beings and our guns come into play. There are too many young Black men and women who will not submit to these type demands so everyone will need support and backing.

Be not deceived, however, at first, they would pretend not to care and there would be a grand mockery of what we do and they will try to break our will. They will act as though what we are doing has no bearing on the structure and progress of America. But this will be a lie. It may look this way for the first few months, but if continued religiously there would be a major change in American society. Not only economically and socially, but ethically and even religiously. But life goes on.

Things to do with your money now and after J125

a.    Purchase A Gun
b.    A Passport
c.    Save More
d.    Withdraw from Banks
e.    Settle debts and credits
f.    Diversify investments into another country

In fact, the above things should be a priority now in preparation for J125. America would no longer be a home for freedom and opportunity, but the land of a Civil war against you and your family. There would be no need to support its racism in its economic foundation.

3.    Abandon Hollywood and Sports: The entertainment and sporting industry exploits Black actors and athletes. We know this from testimonies from themselves. It is cultist. No longer can Black America feed into the exploitation of these industries but must turn the tables toward a serious rebellion against this form of American Samboism.

We must set a new narrative for Black entertainers and athletes to either consolidate their earnings and resources for a resistance and building of a self-sufficient Black industry, (another Black Wall Street), or publicly abandon them by not supporting their careers any longer. This must be done to establish independence and set a standard.

4.    Educate Ourselves: Refrain from white institutions of higher education and populate Black institutions. Re-educate and unlearn European culture and emphasize Black history and culture from a wider worldview. Make this required learning for young Black Americans and throughout the Diaspora. This may seem like an effort to segregate but if pondered ethically, this is what whites prefer anyway and it would greatly help our youth. 

So why not give them what they want instead of complaining about quotas and preferences and defending the myth of reverse racism. Crying about Affirmative Action and Civil Rights laws does not stop racism. At some point a logical approach to racism and a firm fist back must be used by a new Black abolition instead of the old marches and protest. Logic does this and more. American racism has to be fought with new approaches.

Furthermore, leaving white colleges would do much more for the sinking Black colleges around the nation. It would bring more skills and expertise to the Black colleges, which would draw more students and more Black money. A specialized curricula must be designed that address Black culture and does away with the philosophical theories and myths of Western culture that do nothing more than catechize Blacks into believing that Western culture is more civilized and precious than any other culture in the world.

5.    Abandon Bureaucracy: The institutional systems of bureaucracy are built on the concept of racism, which is what we fight against daily; systemic racism. To bring down these institutions, we must abandon them from within, such as the welfare state, the child support system, the criminal justice system, and other government systems that employ our people against our people. Other systems include:

a. The child services system, i.e. child support and foster care.
b. Public schools – build and fund Black and minority schools.
c. Drop Medicaid: group medical services are possible without government or private insurers.
d. Petition to divert tax money from Social Security to private fund.
e. Establish private policing to protect against rouge law enforcement
f. Leave the US military and Build a Black militia 

An abrupt move away from these systems of bureaucracy would crash major parts of the government and a huge portion of the American economy. Afterward, they would have no one to serve and support but whites, then the rest of the world would see who really drains the economy through these entitlement programs. Medicaid would not be missed if Black physicians dedicated their practices to the health of Blacks and we sought health care from other countries.

6.    Establish a Minority political party: After J125, the American system of Democracy will be broken for good. There will be an immediate need for another, independent party to fight back against authoritarianism and the new Dictator. Never again will Blacks have the chance to vote for the Republicans or the Democrats because racial voter discrimination will become law. So Blacks will need to start a totally independent Black party of serious resistance. 

We must think long term in this goal and prepare to sacrifice many things. If our forerunners could sacrifice their lives and own bodies, surely, we can sacrifice a few luxuries to gain respect as a nation and natural human rights. This plan will work all the more if the whole of Black America participated and not just a select few. There is more power in numbers and more to be accomplished through unity.

If you think this feat far-fetched, think again. This is a national uprising, non-violent, and a new wave of unbinding the shackles, and more logically effective than the traditional march, protest, or urban riot. This is using our brains and strength through unity, our creativity and our desire to be and remain free. It is also to better American society by ridding it of the ugly practice of racial bigotry that plague our children and white children.

If all the above are accomplished, the Black nation in America could survive the next level of racial animosity, violence and inhumane laws. Whether you believe in Black unity or not, the fact is the Black nation will be forced into a corner against our own will. From local communities to famous of superstars, racism in America has no preference but will extend its arm against all who are Black.

If this is something that you foresee happening, please pass this article along to as many brothers and sisters as you can to make them aware of the next phase. At some point we can encourage some of the richer and more prominent Black Americans that it is time to refrain from American shackles and to bring in a new day with new ideas in order to lay the foundation of a new America. One that we truly share the wealth, freedom, and right to Black life.