Why Black Men Ignore Calls for a Race War

Right now, Black men are in a state of mental limbo of everyday survival; they know they are a target and are basically awaiting the day it all hits the fan.

Why Black Men Ignore Calls for a Race War

Most people would assume that if Black men had the artillery and weaponry to launch an attack on white America, they would do so; but that is not the case because Black men have guns, maybe just as many as the opposition has and probably the same caliber. Black men are also well-trained in combat having served in the U.S. military for over 100 years. They too, have brought home guns from the military of all types; and they buy and carry concealed also.

Another assumption is that Black men have no unity and therefore cannot come together and plan such an event of war. But that assumption also is flawed. Black men can unite and have done so in the past; for instance, the Black Panther Party, the Million Man March, and just recently, Black Lives Matter, and other activist organizations with chapters of each throughout the country. So, armament and unity are not the issues.

Others would suppose that covert government agencies have hindered attempts of progress among Black men and sophisticated systemic operations such as, social discrimination, the prison industrial complex and extreme policing have helped to dwindle the Black male population and serve to diminish the Black male spirit and will. However, prison life, constant surveillance and profiling all sharpen the mental and psychological resolve of the Black man, making him much more able to adapt in survival mode.

In essence, the Black man has learned endurance and long suffering more than anything, which are strengths in wartime situations. If the day ever came that there was an all-out race war against Black America, it would definitely last longer than what anxious, gung-ho white boys would think. War is mental and not just physical. Thus, with the artillery that Black men do have combined with the common bond of desperation enhanced by sheer endurance, it would get real.

In addition to the above advantages Black men have, knowledge of neighborhood streets and back alleys, a willingness of Black women and children to fight, joined by a host of other brown-skinned cultures that have also suffered at the hands of white rage, white America would need to resort to the U.S. military for serious repercussions in the long run. A law of human nature determines that when people are backed against a wall and are left with no choice but to fight, they will.

Desperation together with anger and remembrance of the past and present injustices will kick in once the war begins. Right now, Black men are in a state of mental limbo of everyday survival; they know they are a target and are basically awaiting the day it all hits the fan. However, not all Black men will respond at the same time nor will they respond in the same way. Some will try to stop the whole thing and some will be too afraid to join in, but eventually both will have to engage once under pressure.

To understand the different degrees of separation of Black men, and some reasons why they have not rose up collectively and revolted against white supremacy in this day and age, you first have to understand the fundamental nature of the Black man as opposed to the nature of those that seek to harm him. The two natures are polar opposites, which is why Black men are constantly at the receiving end of hatred, violence and oppression. However, there is that one psychological trait that binds Black men and if triggered collectively, would tell a different story.

The former fact proves that the Black man’s nature is not naturally one of violence, hatred, or oppression, but quite the opposite. For example, of the most prominent Black men who stood against oppression in America, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey, neither of them proposed violence against others nor did they seek to build an army of warriors. They merely sought to defend themselves and to free their people from oppression and violence. Even the Black Panther Party was an organization of self defense and not of aggression.

The one trait that would otherwise bind us have been on display in the past when the Black man was pushed to a limit and when they had the proper tools. The results of such desperation resorted in violent clashes with white mobs seeking to kill Black families and destroy communities. Yet in between those times Black people desire to live their lives and mind their own business. Such is the case in Africa to this day and have been for thousands of years. Most African countries never actually sought large militaries or nuclear weapons because death and destruction are not in their nature to that extent.

Conversely, it is not that Black Africans could not have built nukes and weapons of mass destruction, they definitely have the resources in Africa. 
However, they have been in defense of their lands, nations and families for as long as they have been discovered by other cultures. Africans were always at peace with the land, as was most other indigenous peoples. Those people all became victims to a conquering spirit of warmongering, hate and greed. As it is today, those same spirits seek to eliminate anyone who stands in the way or who are seen as leaches of these systems.

Logic says that Black men have every reason to revolt. Refusal of reparations for 400 years of free labor is one; injustice in every American system is another reason along with, social discrimination, police brutality, mass incarceration, media humiliation and more are ample enough reasons Blacks could take revenge on the oppressor. So why have any Black men not plotted and formed a paramilitary legion to launch a full-blown war? Because that is not our nature by birth. Most Black men would rather live in peace, even with one another.

Some would argue that Black men kill each other so what makes anyone believe that they are non-violent by nature? Because most Black men are locked into tight urban areas (and in prisons) with one another and never see or associate with white men. They have no means of expressing what they feel toward white men and resort to enacting that violence and frustration on one another. For those who do assimilate with the white population, they have learned to channel their frustrations in different directions, such as work, the Internet, or other relatable hobbies.

If there were more white guys in urban areas, there would be more Black on white violence especially under the circumstances of today’s police and white vigilante violence toward Black men. Another reason is because Black men know that prison is a prime destination if they show the slightest display of revolt toward white folks and the possibility of death by cop. But these reasons are general and are the reason most people do not revolt against the general society, so Black men would be considered normal in not revolting at all.

Black men are not rebels; but we are always anticipating. Our anger is there but repressed. We lash out at our brothers and sisters with ease, because the day has yet to come where Black men are collectively pushed against a wall. As white men continue to use violence to enact oppression, the rest of the world will try to live at peace with one another and with the earth. And as we watch the white population crumble under the weight of natural law and divine judgment, the strategy on the part of the Black man is to know the truth and prepare for that day.