Keep the State Out of Your Business

Having the state involved in your business can be avoided and can save people time, money and possibly years of heartache.

Keep the State Out of Your Business

There are certain state and federal government agencies that are toxic toward citizens and have no idea what they are doing. State family courts, juvenile justice, social services, child support, and the department of education are agencies that operate from a paternalistic standpoint and treat citizens like children. They lack understanding and compassion toward people’s humanity and their family bonds, which comes from the historic profession of breaking up families and taking children from their parents.

Couples should avoid family and divorce courts because the courts have no real knowledge of the intimacies of a relationship and base many decisions on past cases, protocol and lawbook stipulations. If there are any emotional traumas on either part, they disregard the episodes and rule with legal rigor. Even in cases of domestic violence or child abuse, most courts do not take the true trauma into consideration. Lawyers simply hear and give arguments then reflect on past cases to make their determinations.

Couples should take every opportunity given them to work things out between themselves and a medicator or marriage counselor instead of taking their problems to the courts. Personalizing their breakup before a neutral party requires a more compassionate ear than the condescension of the courts and provides a more human approach to an already delicate matter. Not to mention saves money on court costs, fees, and unnecessary and long-term future financial burdens.

Juvenile courts have abandoned the idea that kids will be kids and have gone straight to charging them as adults in certain matters or shuffling them into correctional facilities that are not actual rehab-based, but punishment-based. Children are reentering society without the correction they need and are recycled through the system when they become adults.

The trauma on parents is another heartbreaking story told by many who must watch their child treated like chattel by a system devoid of reason or compassion. Many state and federal workers do not even have children or families, so they lack the understanding it takes to rebuild the bonds or are restricted from intervening when compassion is needed.

The social services agency is one of the worse pertaining to parents and their children. Of course, some parents are not ready to be parents and deserve to be monitored by a government agency for the protection of the child, but many times, misunderstandings, jealous neighbors or family members file false claims and the family gets a visit from social services and their children taken away.

There is then a long, drawn-out process to get them back because of the bureaucracy of red tape, indifference, and state surveillance of the parents’ behavior. As a result, there are just as many unnecessary cases of children taken from their homes than there are legitimate ones. Currently, however, drug abuse by parents are a major factor and legitimate reason for taking children from the home.

The number of children separated from their families due to parental substance use has more than doubled in the past two decades and accounted for one-third of all removals in 2019, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) analyzing removals of children and termination of parental rights by state child welfare systems nationwide. And Black children are almost twice as likely to experience investigations as white children and more likely to be separated from their families, according to the report.”

The child support system is another bleed on families; especially fathers who are the victims of maternal spite, who withhold the children from the father and go straight to the system for revenge. This is a destructive system that has no business involved in the welfare of children. Women – and men – should take responsibility for their children but they also need to show adult behavior and reasonably deal with the noncustodial parent if they expect reciprocal responsibility from them. Allowing the state to run your business is weak and irresponsible at most.

The department of education is in cahoots with the juvenile and adult justice system and have designed a system that transports children from school to prison in a pipeline. Instead of referring to any scientific or psychological research and treatment for the behavior of children, they have deemed many to be criminals, special needs, and have thrown pharmaceutical drugs at them to alter delinquent behavior. This is neglectful and a type of child abuse in itself.

In addition to the above government agencies, the police, health and human services (who help keep wages low and healthcare cost high), and the department of motor vehicles, who loves to suspend licenses, all have a part in the destruction of family life. If people can avoid any of these agencies, they would be better off than having them involved in their lives for months and years at a time. Court cases under state rule can be avoided if people lived honest and responsible lives and maintained a sense of decency.

Grow up, become an adult and refrain from childish and immature behavior. These all lead to trouble in one form or another. Having the state involved in your business can be avoided and can save people time, money and possibly years of heartache.