The Lord Returned in 2020, and Many People Missed It

The 2020 return of the Lord was not the Second Coming, it was a visit comparable to the second or third watch spoken of in St. Luke 12:38. In this parable, the Lord warned the disciples that they needed to be watching for him at all times in case he decided to return from the wedding to give his servants their portion of meat in due season. 2020 was that season.

Dec 26, 2022 - 13:20
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The Lord Returned in 2020, and Many People Missed It

The 2020 return of the Lord was not the Second Coming, it was a visit comparable to the second or third watch spoken of in St. Luke 12:38. In this parable, the Lord warned the disciples that they needed to be watching for him at all times in case he decided to return from the wedding to give his servants their portion of meat in due season. 2020 was that season.

Although the parable is an analogy for the second coming of Christ, many people do not realize that the Lord sometimes returns during times of their lives that they are not looking for him. It is a spiritual return to check on them and to either reward or punish them for their behavior in between visits. Jesus says that; “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” St. John 16:7.

When people claim they are talking to God or they heard from the Lord, what they actually mean is they have heard from the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit that teaches us, leads, and guides us individually each day. The actual presence and voice of Jesus and God are rare, and people only hear a whisper of Jesus or God’s voice through the Spirit. This is because the glory of God and majesty of Christ is too powerful for any man to withstand in their actual presence, which is why he sent the Holy Spirit.

Nevertheless, the Spirit judges man individually, Christ deals with the church as a unit, and God judges societies and nations of the world. This is not a claim to the trinity theory. If a believer understands God, they know all three are one in the same. However, in 2020, God visited humanity and gave man his portion of meat in due season. From nations of the world to the church and to individual believers and non-believers alike, all lives were changed one way or another, collectively.

People who have always doubted the existence of God or who gave up searching for him or even turned their backs on him before 2020, missed his visit. Likewise, believers who fell asleep during his visit also missed him, yet believers who were awake at his coming, saw most of the changes he made. Now that the virus has almost passed us, if all people looked hard enough, they cannot deny that changes were made to the world and societies and eventually effected their individual lives.

There were three things God did to change the world in 2020 that we can all see in our lives today. The miraculous thing about these changes is that man could have never made these changes on his own as seen in the following explanations. Many people ask where God is and where is the sign of his coming yet when he does move, they cannot see because they are spiritually blind. The three things that needed God’s intervention were the virus, the murder of George Floyd, and the removal of Trump from the presidency.

The Virus

Deniers will argue that the virus was man-made, but this is not logical and defies all historical accounts of viruses and plagues on humanity, because the many changes it brought could have never been anticipated by any one man that would have accomplished his every goal. In fact, some changes would have not worked according to whatever means he meant to bring about. In other words, good and bad things happened as a result of the virus and the bad things would only negate any good he thought it would bring. The virus hit all countries in the world, some more than others, and not any one country in particular.

If a person looks at the situation through the eyes of God and nature, they will see how God visited the world and what changes he made. They will see who received meat in their seasons and whether it brough punishment or reward. They will not only see what God saw as needing change in the world, but what he has planned for the future. A spiritual eye can see these things and appreciate them, but those who are blind will not learn and will suffer the next visit with a worse outcome.

The virus was not a conspiracy, this was a move from God. History has shown us that viruses, plagues, famines, and pestilences have always hit the world and brought changes to humanity; from changes in medicine to changes in infrastructure to population decreases and changes that required nations to redivert resources. It was due season that this change in society came about. The world was due for a virus sooner or later.

When questioning why God would allow certain things, specifically bad things to happen, God is merciful in his ways whether through life or death, and no human can understand those ways seeing they cannot see pass life. So, when death is the result of God’s plan, people become blind to his ways. Many people died from the virus as they have in times past, but it also showed the world the intents of the hearts of man, his concern for humanity and at what level of development he was.

The virus also revealed how many of the Lord’s servants had faith in him and his ability to protect them from any evils of the world. It revealed what nations were willing and ready to move ahead in the advancement of medicine, care, and concern for their populations. When the virus caused nations, cities, and towns to shut down and governments required people to quarantine, wear mask and take vaccines to protect themselves and others, many people resisted and rebelled, and many complied. Yet the Bible makes mention of plagues and how the people of the nation should react.

In Leviticus 13, the priest was responsible for quarantining those who were plagued with leprosy, rashes, and other sores and illnesses. They were to keep them out of the public for seven days at a time until the plague passed. Some were even required to wear a mask over their faces: “And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean.” Leviticus 13:45.

These ordinances were for protecting the public and not for subjection of the people to the government, or to stop the worship of God, which is what many Christians today claimed was happening during the virus. It required a sense of community and concern for others. No one has to believe in these requirements and have the right to live however they want, but faith in God is the key. Christian leaders today taught their congregations to refuse the vaccine even though God says that nothing by any means shall ever hurt you.

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” St. Luke 10:19. So regardless of whether anyone wanted to wear a mask or take the vaccine or not, the Lord promised his believers that he would protect them and they had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, many so-called Christians today rebelled against government ordinances and common community concern and chose to claim persecution from the government. But others who have not faith in God also needed protection, but Christians ignored that concern and sought their own will.

Currently, churches are open, and no one is wearing a mask and there are no vaccine mandates, but millions of people died unnecessarily because they simply refused to comply with government ordinances and community health concern for themselves and others. Millions of others died because of apathy, lack of healthcare, and ignorance of authorities. Lies were spread, science was defied after years of trusting it for everything else, hypocrisy increased and fear among churchgoers ran rampant. God saw this and knows who to give a portion of meat in due season.

The George Floyd Murder

The death of George Floyd was another death that would change the world as being within the agenda of God. The reason it is within the agenda of God, is again, because it was a message to the world and from that message the world was touched. Justice was called out. Humanity saw an evil that was an act of blatant murder committed right before the eyes without remorse, repentance, or empathy from those who should have shown empathy. And surely, the guilty eyes received a portion of their meat in due season. In other words, if someone showed no remorse or empathy, God now knows how to deal with that person. For those who showed concern, likewise, God knows their heart.

The scripture in St. Luke 12:45, 46 reads: “But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken; the lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.”

Anyone who is a person after God’s own heart would have looked upon the murder as an act of unnecessary aggression. But those who found no remorse: “And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.” St. Luke 12:47. Furthermore, as a result of the murder, people around the world rose up in protest against the injustice. American protesters were met with a violent resistance of police and counter protesters who could not see the injustice but held animosity toward those who exercised their rights to protest; and are now seeking to remove those rights.

From the protest came riots and destruction of property from a few out of the crowd of millions and those who resisted the message the murder was sending, simply chose to focus on the riots instead of the message of injustice. This resistance exposed the racial motivation hidden in their hearts of the defiant. It was these people who would further adapt a rebellious spirit and begin to retaliate with laws against the people they saw as social misfits who they claimed opposed law and order. They dug deep down and brought an obsolete excuse called Critical Race Theory from the darkness and through it into the light to cover their shame in an effort to turn the minds and hearts of the nation and world against those who sought justice after the murder.

They began to ban books by Black authors, enforce voting restrictions against Black neighborhoods and call out violent mobs of white supremacist and from pockets of the police force who terrorized – and continue to terrorize - and killed Black people. Businesses and schools restricted diversity teaching meant to ease racial tensions among the people. White children now openly name call their Black classmates; coworkers, employers, celebrities, and professors humiliate Blacks in social media post and administrations do nothing to hold them accountable.

The purpose of God’s plan in all of this is to give them their portion of meat in due season. To the people who hold these offenses and to the people who are persecuted by them. The result being, those who hold the offenses will only get worse, and those who are offended will be protected by God’s divine grace.

The Removal of Trump from the Presidency

The United States and world were at the mercy of Trump and his policies. Though many Christian leaders claimed that trump was called by God – if it were truly a divine call, he would still be president – it took God and his inspiration of many people to go to the polls and get him out of office. He would have never been removed from office if it were God’s will that he was supposed to be there. Thus, signifying that the Christian leaders were lying in the first place. He should have never been there, but God allowed him for the purpose of revealing to the world the threat to it and to the United States. God allowed? Yes, sometimes when the Sons of God present themselves before God, Satan comes with them.

Still to the disbelief of the remaining of his followers, the election was stolen, and they are pissed based on this lie. However, this is a testimony that these people are in a delusional state of mind, reprobate, believing a lie even against the obvious truth. Only God knows what would have happened to this country and to the world had that man stayed in office. It is now being revealed that he had plans to never leave office. This is against what the United States constitution says and the whole purpose of a Republic Democracy. His plan was to take over the country and build himself a personal army of violent, white supremacist followers and corrupt corporate businessmen that would have control over all the people of color and religions in the country. And this is still their plan.

Not only did he have plans to change America, but the world would have become a different place. He was making plans to unite with Russia and their allies while siding against China and the European nations. This conflict would have brought the world to another place in time that apparently was not a part of God’s season. He was corrupting other governments, strongarming them into deals that benefitted him and his cohorts only. The world was not ready for what this man was bringing; the time was not yet appointed by God.

This removal by God also revealed a portion of American society that harbors deep animosity toward people of color, government administration, and social order. It exposed corrupt politicians, judges and corporate leaders, neighbors who have deep-seated hatred in their hearts, and family members who have lost their way. Again, these are people who will receive their portion of meat in due season. And those who understand and follow after the goodness and mercies of God, will remain in the land and live quiet and peaceable lives as more turmoil conflates from the chaos that has been already unleased.

In addition to the above three events of 2020, society learned more about itself and how to operate more effectively, or not. The lock downs brought families together for much needed time. It brought mothers home to work as daycares closed. It taught society that they could work from home and did not have to commute to the office everyday clogging the highways with traffic. In fact, traffic decreased, and pollution subsided. Unfortunately, corporate leaders are currently demanding people back in the office despite the benefits working from home affords to workers and the environment. They to, will get their portion of meat in due season.

We learned to build on medicine. Most countries improved their healthcare systems as a result of the virus and made healthcare more affordable and even free to their population. America did not, they have not learned. Most countries learned that healthcare workers, teachers, and service workers deserved more pay and better hours and more family time. America did not learn this. Unfortunately, as a result of pressure from American workers, companies reluctantly upped their pay but retaliated with increased costs of goods and services in the markets, called inflation. Utilities, gas, food and rent increased as companies spitefully gouged the people to get their money back from their loses during the virus.

Workers have gone unappreciated; the elderly in nursing homes suffered from neglect during the virus along with prison inmates and the mentally ill. Front line, service and factory workers were forced back to work regardless of the still dangers of the virus in the air. During the same time, businesses, churches and politicians were getting tax-free loans from the government even if they had only been in business 1 month or had no employees. Scams, cons jobs, and crooks rose from the darkest of society and got away with billions of dollars of theft and have not been held accountable.

Even Hollywood was shut down, which was something man could never do. Sports, events, and every conceivable pleasure man had been used to living with was halted. This is something only God can do. Unfortunately, man has yet to acknowledge what God has done. He continues in his trespasses against one another and in his corrupt schemes of dominance and control of the people. To this day, he still plans on taking the government from under the beloved Constitution, to murder Black men in cold blood, to oppress the worker for their wages and still refuses to offer needed healthcare and family time to the people.

So yes, God visited the world in 2020 to openly reveal how people think and how they are being treated. He revealed a clear divide among the societies and nations. He exposed corruption, revealed hearts and minds, and brought all darkness to the light. Anyone who did not experience a change in their life is not paying attention and are asleep. They missed him and will probably miss him when he returns in the next second or third watch. The world is currently recovering from the virus and its economic affects, have seen the injustice in America against a defenseless people, and have offered praise to God for removing a man from power that would have change the world for the worse if God had not stepped in with his mercy.

ministercr A minister, teacher and preacher of the gospel of Christ for 32 years. Peace and love to all. Stay prayerful.