Who can comprehend why companies spend millions of dollars on one Superbowl ad for 30 seconds but complain all year about giving raises to the employees who labor to earn the ad money? Advertising is a waste of money if everyone already knows about the company and what it sells.

In addition, who charges $7 million dollars for a television commercial? The greed, hypocrisy and indifference in this country is outlandish. But no one talks about this as a crisis like everything else is a crisis, such as the border.

The television networks are so concerned about ratings and consumer money that they neglect the realities of what is happening in the economy to average working people, charging thousands of dollars available only to the super rich. The Superbowl is nothing more than a distraction from reality and a way to keep the sheep docile and ignorant at the same time cheering for games and the pleasures of hot wings, soft porn, betting and a false hype.

If the people of this country had any sense or a sense of awareness, they would duck this slap in the face and protest television all together. The wealthy has a plan to keep people broke and dumb while they make a fortune off their working dollars.

It is sad, pathetic, and a sign that this country has fallen to its lowest level of meaninglessness toward humanity other than the senseless killings of innocent people overseas while this “game” is being played.


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