Monday, March 4, 2024


A Nation Defiant of World Law Does Not Seek World Peace: The US Proxy War in Gaza

The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Gaza was initially brokered and ignited by the Trump administration when he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. Before that,...

What Israel is Doing in Gaza is Overkill, and US Support is Sacrilegious

Let us pretend for a moment that the people in Israel are real Israelites,...

Wars And Rumors of Wars: The Weapons Manufacture’s Dream

Aside from nations rising against other nations, there are currently over 20 Civil wars...

The world’s most powerful militaries in 2023, ranked

This list needs a reality check. Global Firepower's 2023 Military Strength Ranking lists 145...

The U.S. Political Destabilization of South America Has Cost Them Dearly

The darkness is passed and now the light is shining bright on the inhumane...


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