Monday, March 4, 2024


The Theo-Political Men Looking to Lead this Country are Biblically Illiterate

With the support of over one hundred conservative think tanks and hundreds of scholars who have documented numerous theories on how they will turn the US into a Christian...

Evangelical’s Perception of Christian Persecution is Full of Delusions

Listening to some of America’s most popular pastors anyone without bible knowledge would think...

Maternity homes provide support in a post-Roe world

Called the Nesting Place, it's part of a Christian organization in Nampa, Idaho, that...

More Evangelical Hypocrisy on Display: Editing God’s Word

Look who is talking about it being a shame to edit God’s word to...

Love Not the World: Christian Finances, Education and Political Beliefs

Of the most powerful deliverances a person can experience after receiving the gift of...


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