About Us

Pro Liberation is an online outreach of Nu Life Alliance, Inc. The NLA is a community-based movement helping people overcome the struggles of everyday life by offering resources and assistance through acts of generosity. We strive to provide informative content, the latest news and media, and a platform for social interaction.

Our content is drawn from syndicated news mixed with an opinionated form of independent journalism on current news and topics that are happening in society. Our commentary fuses social issues with a moral base of spiritual and religious doctrine based on natural law and a humanitarian worldview.

Our goal is to inform and provide the masses of the national, diaspora and world population with solutions that will help them overcome the struggles against the forces of greed, oppression, and social injustice. We stand on truth, justice, and moral righteousness.

DISCLAIMER: The content of Pro Liberation is firmly opinionated and is not meant to be interpreted as official news. We glean facts and quotes from mainstream news websites and abridge its meaning for readers to relate. We do not indulge in misinformation, conspiracy theories, or false doctrine but choose to express our right to free speech as citizens of this country and free born under God the Creator. We represent Nu Life Alliance Inc. a non-profit organization in the battle for social and economic justice. Donate to our cause at the following link. DONATE