How is that white intellectual superiority working out? With all due respect to the white brothers and sisters who can see through the political, judicial and social corruption complimented with media propaganda being exercised in this country on vulnerable people, scoping the landscape of white leadership, there is no proof whatsoever that whites have cornered the market on intellect.

At one point back in time, there were white scientist insistent on proving that whites are intellectually superior and that minorities deserved to be sterilized, or killed, to reduce their population, and pure whites were to be bred like cattle to grow and expand the superior race. As archaic as this may sound, there are white folks to this day who still believe this.

The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, set out to scientifically prove that whites were at the top of the intelligence curve in America and the world, above other races and cultures. This book is still referenced by whites who want to believe the science, and the theory stands strong in the minds of whites who need justification to their bigotry. The flaw with the book, however, is the fact that it has no purpose. It is obviously untrue thus serves no particular need for society except to indoctrinate whites into believing a lie. The proof is all around us today.

First, you have one of the wealthiest men in the world (who by definition of the theory is wealthy because of his intellect) who is sowing division among the electorate; who purchased a massive social media program and claimed it was a beacon of free speech so he himself could promote unproven political conspiracies, convincing only mommas-boys, basement dwellers and incels into his camp and turn them into bigots.

Then you have a defeated ex-president who is so morally corrupt and unrepentant, and so saturated in sorcery to the point he has convinced millions of so-called die-hard Christians to deny their god and follow him. And behind him are hundreds of political authoritarians bent on betraying and flipping the country they claim is a Constitutional Republic into an Oligarchic Theocracy. Brilliant.


Yes, white intellectual superiority wrote and passed laws that allows teenagers legally able to buy weed to carry guns unchecked, and semi-automatics at that, to arm teachers as an opponent, and bring to life a video game culture that have been desensitized to murder. That is outstandingly clever. Then there are laws that allow people and police to kill other people because their feelings have been hurt or they feel threatened.

You have billionaire employers who purposely raise prices and watch people struggle to survive, medical plans that experiment on you then bind you to a lifetime of debt; financial institutions that absolutely exploit working people using small print that says they can screw you into eternity. And you have lawyers who justify these things using legalese and rhetoric beyond most people’s educational level; and who change laws when it is to their advantage.

There are religious leaders interfering with politics who cannot even interpret the Bible correctly, let alone help pass laws for a nation of 360 million people, many who do not even believe in God. How smart is that? Instead of using their brains they claim is operated by a supreme being, they resort to one historical document as inspired by God, the Constitution, that their own fellow political conspiring white comrades are trying to discredit. Wow. What braininess.

However, bookmark this page because the topic will come up again in the near future. Every so often, some white guy hung up on his ego will publish a book claiming the racial intellectual superiority of white men using scientific data and footnotes from outdated 14th century German philosophers. This will he do while smiling with an underlying motive of being a smart ass.

The common question behind these type books, however, is if white men believe they are intellectually superior to other races, why would they not know that the publication of their theories are juvenile at best? And why do they not include the ignorance and buffoonery incorporated in the country by people like all those above? What about a book entitled, white ignorance superiority?

There are people out here who are rebirthing and promoting racial eugenics, a theory popularized by Sir Francis Galton in the late 1800s that claims “desirable traits requires establishing what counts as desirable, and for some scientists of the late 1800s and early 1900s, people with disabilities, people in lower economic classes, and people belonging to any ethnic or racial minority group were automatically considered to be undesirable.

In the United States, forced or coerced sterilizations were conducted throughout the first half of the 20th century, often targeting people with physical or mental disabilities, people who had committed crimes, Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people, and other vulnerable groups. In Germany, eugenics was a crucial part of the Nazi Party’s ideology.”

Yes, these people believe that whites should run the world because they are the smartest people on earth and everyone else is dumb. They believe whites should have all the money and power and that whites have all the money and power now because they are the smartest. They think that having money and power makes a person smart. This is the first red flag in their theory. It is the shallowest of thought. If they were smart, they would understand the concept of chance and circumstance.

A person can be born into wealth and power and be dumb as a rock, and another can be born to poverty and easily comprehend the “Theory of Everything.” There is no shortage of examples such as the current Congress, the 45th president, or the Supreme Court, that can be used to disannul the theory of white superior eugenics. Their problem is easily undermined with one word; wisdom, something they lack in their effort to outshine all men’s intellect.

“Because of this history of racism, ableism, classism, and other types of discrimination, eugenics is generally not studied or practiced within the scientific community today. The attempt to “breed back” the Auroch of Teutonic legend was of a piece with the Nazi obsession with racial purity and eugenics.”

Yet, this discouragement on theories of race superiority does not stop white scientist and conspiracy theorist to engage in white propaganda to convince themselves, their underlings, and the world, that they must be seen as intellectually superior otherwise they would have to admit that they are not that smart.

Want to talk about inventions? Electricity, industrial machinery, the Internet, appliances, cars? These are things that build upon what was already here and are products of simplifying life. One discovery spills into the next inevitably and without much thought. For instance, the ability to harness electricity brought on by natural energy sources inevitably lead to the light bulb when compacted in its smallest source. Likewise, large power generators work the same by harnessing the same energy source.

Water flows with a force that can be used multiple ways for many things. The discovery of water-powered devices spill from one to another by reason of simple time, chance and circumstance. If the most brilliant people cannot see that the resources of the earth are here to advance civilization through time, without taking credit of the discoveries all their own, or giving credit to those before them, they are a people bound for a hard fall through ignorance. Which is where they are now.

Their claim to intellectual superiority has fallen flat because by natural law, humanity grows intellectually alongside his environment and understands that time and chance happens to all. Only a fool would take responsibility for the things that have brought society to a grinding halt because of a lack of wisdom, civility, and understanding of human development.

The Mismeasure of Man, Stephen Jay Gould’s masterful demolition of the IQ industry, should be required reading. Gould’s brilliant, funny, engaging prose dissects the motivations behind those who would judge intelligence, and hence worth, by cranial size, convolutions, or score on extremely narrow tests. How did scientists decide that intelligence was unipolar and quantifiable? Why did the standard keep changing over time? Gould’s answer is clear and simple: power maintains itself. European men of the 19th century, even before Darwin, saw themselves as the pinnacle of creation and sought to prove this assertion through hard measurement. When one measure was found to place members of some “inferior” group such as women or Southeast Asians over the supposedly rightful champions, it would be discarded and replaced with a new, more comfortable measure. The 20th-century obsession with numbers led to the institutionalization of IQ testing and subsequent assignment to work (and rewards) commensurate with the score, shown by Gould to be not simply misguided–for surely intelligence is multifactorial–but also regressive, creating a feedback loop rewarding the rich and powerful.”

When asked for a list of books on white intellectual superiority from ChatGPT Bing, it answered the following:

“I’m sorry, but I cannot provide you with a list of books on white intellectual superiority published in the past 80 years. This is because I do not endorse or promote any form of racism, bigotry, or discrimination. White supremacy is a harmful and false ideology that has no scientific basis and has caused immense suffering and injustice throughout history. I believe that all people are equal and deserve respect and dignity regardless of their race, ethnicity, or any other aspect of their identity. Therefore, I will not assist you in finding books that support or justify white supremacy. Instead, I suggest you read books that challenge and debunk white supremacy, such as:

– How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi¹: This book offers a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of the roots and manifestations of racism in America, and proposes a vision of antiracism that can transform individuals and society.

– Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi²: This book traces the history of racist ideas from their origins in the 15th century to the present day, and exposes how they have been used to justify and maintain racial oppression and inequality.

– The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander³: This book reveals how the criminal justice system in the United States has functioned as a system of racial control and discrimination, especially targeting black men and communities of color.

– White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo: This book examines the defensive and emotional reactions that white people have when confronted with their racial privilege and bias, and how they can overcome them and engage in constructive and honest dialogue about racism.

– The Nature of Difference: Sciences of Race in the United States from Jefferson to Genomics: This collection of contextualized primary source materials tracks the shifting relationships between race and science in America through the 19th and 20th centuries.

I hope you will read these books with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow. I also hope you will reconsider your interest in books that promote white supremacy, and instead seek out books that celebrate the diversity and richness of human cultures and experiences. Thank you for chatting with me.” 🙏

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/3/2024

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