There is such a thing as self-destruction on a mental and spiritual level. We often think of drug use, alcoholism, or other physical substances that kill the brain cells and different body parts, but we never consider that a person can self-destruct just by blocking rationale from their minds.

The ability to understand things is a natural human function and develops throughout our lives. From elementary school, when we have to understand math problems, the context of what we read, and the reasons for remembering things; are all necessary to feed our mental development.

Logical deduction is learned in preschool, for instance, the circle does not fit into the square hole thus it must fit into the round hole. Mary had 3 apples but an hour later she had two so obviously she had to have done something with the other apple. This is understanding at its most basic level.

Though understanding is a natural given and develops throughout our lives, there are people who have become willingly ignorant, which lead to their understanding being darkened. For example, when given the option to believe that Mary either ate the third apple or that she was robbed of the third apple, even though Mary actually ate the apple, some people would rather believe she was robbed, based on their perception of the world around them. This is called willful ignorance and when this logic is used over and over, their understanding automatically becomes darker.

The fact that they refuse to believe what is actually true, takes them into an alternate world that is not of reality. Eventually the person cannot return to reality and they function in an alternative reality based on lies, misinformation, and propaganda. After so long awhile in this world, they sink even lower to a world of delusion, illusions, and then to a state of spiritual and mental blindness.


A spiritual blindness darkens understanding and they are not able to display normal forms of affection, compassion, or any honest type of human contact. They have sunk into a reality they have created by alienating themselves from what is logical, reasonable and even truthful. By this time they are not simply choosing to be ignorant, they cannot help but be ignorant because they have lost their ability to understand.

They have now reverted back to a child-like status. Simple deduction does not compute in their minds and they will consider placing the round peg into the square hole, so to speak. Because they can no longer decipher between two arguments they have lost their ability to reason.

The result of this dark reality will cause some people to look at a painting and apply the painting to their reality despite the fact that it is only a painting. Regardless of what the painting portrays, they walk away with an altered form of reality. Television is a perfect example of images that alter a person’s mental perception of the world around them.

Television also takes people from actual reality into an alternative reality that clashes with their own sense of logic, once again giving two arguments to one situation. This is delusion and dangerous to the mind if that person cannot decipher between what is real around them and what television has portrayed as real. Delusion implants a fabricated fallacy into the mind and misleads people on the ways of logical deduction. And some people never recover.

Understanding gives a person the ability to look at any given situation and realize how that situation came to be and the most logical path of resolve, if resolve is needed. Understanding enlightens people to the cause and effect of a process of time that comes naturally in life, but a mind with no understanding cannot perceive neither the cause nor the effect and seeks a conclusion based on their own false delusions.

Grown men have lost their ability to understand simply because they choose willful ignorance. If the book says the grass is green but the painting shows yellow grass, it would be the act of complete ignorance to choose to believe the painting. Either that or some have become too mentally lazy to read, or even care.

Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men. 1 Corinthians 14:20.

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