Christian nationalist and false prophets who want to take over the country and turn it into a Christian nation have an agenda called the Seven Mountain Mandate, by which they believe the church should control each of the following aspects of society; family, education, media, arts & entertainment, business, and government. So where does solving the homeless crises come in?

Why has the multi-million dollar earning pastors and churches not come forward to take control of the homeless problem? Homelessness should fall under the family plan.

According to reports, “Homelessness in the United States grew by 12%, to its highest reported level as soaring rents and a decline in coronavirus pandemic assistance combined to put housing out of reach for more people, according to federal data. Four in 10 people experiencing homelessness sleep outside, a federal report found.

More than 650,000 people are estimated to be homeless, the most since the country began using the yearly point-in-time survey in 2007. People of color, LGBTQ+ people and seniors are disproportionately affected, advocates said.”

Not one church has stepped up to take the challenge. Maybe because most victims do not reflect who they believe are worthy of help. The Supreme Court, however, will decide this case in the coming weeks.


“The case before the Supreme Court comes from Grants Pass, a small city nestled in the mountains of southern Oregon, where rents are rising and there is just one overnight shelter for adults. As a growing number of tents clustered its parks, the city banned camping and set $295 fines for people sleeping there.”

If the church wants to take responsibility for most aspects of society, when will they start this great Christian project? They have not even handled the problem in their own communities let alone taking the entire country into their hands. They are a bunch of hypocrite liars who want power with no real intentions of solving any real problems.

How about addressing the problem of greed coming from real estate and Wall Street brokers who have jacked up the cost of housing; or taming the courts that seek to criminalize and fine people even deeper into debt and poverty? What is the biblical plan for these abominations of society?

“Enforcement of camping bans often makes homelessness worse by requiring people to spend money on fines rather than housing or creating an arrest record that makes it harder to get an apartment. Public officials should focus instead on addressing shortages of affordable housing so people have places to live.”

Church leaders and the false prophets of America who lead them are only concerned about their own prosperity and could care lass about the social state of the community, families, or the working people of the nation. They are wolves leading flocks of indoctrinated followers.

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