The divine irony behind the rise of Christian nationalism is that the culture wars their fighting against (homosexuality and abortion) is the result, a curse, of their past of brutality toward people of color. Though they try desperately to erase the stain of slavery and genocide of other nations by persecuting the same people they oppressed, the more of their own culture will erode. It will only get worse, the harder they push. The Act of Abortion is a Curse on a Rebellious Nation

The object of nationalism is to pass down a positive history and ideal image of a nation to each new generation; maintaining important milestones, dates and people that portray the nation as something to be proud of and to fight for. The United States is no different in all its glory and patriotic exceptionalism.

The general idea of keeping the US exceptional, is to pass down the theory that North America is a European-founded nation, built and developed by and for the occupation, freedom and prosperity of white people, specifically, wealthy white men. This idea held in place for the first few centuries, from the 1600s to the mid-1850s.

Afterward, people from many parts of the world decided to migrate to the US and start new lives, escaping the corruption and poverty of their war-torn lands. Suddenly the US became what was called a “Melting Pot.” The country became more inclusive of other cultures and various shades of people other than white, which caused a panic in the minds of the original so-called founders.

A struggle between the original European whites and the “other,” immigrant whites, Asians, and Africans, brought forth new laws and protections against the economic base. The wealthy, white men wanted to protect their wealth against the invaders so they wrote laws and rules that set them aside from the “others,” which many remain in place today.


As time went by, the “others” begin to notice the differences in the laws and demanded equal treatment and opportunities to earn the same economic benefits and living conditions as the wealthy. This rebellion and uprise for equal treatment birthed movements of race, gender, political and religious identities. As new laws were written and the playing field began to shift to level out economic opportunities, wealthy white men resented and resisted the changes.

By the turn of the twentieth century, world wars took the focus off the class warfare brewing and shifted the economic landscape from the people to spending on the wars; protecting US freedom and maintaining national security. People of all races fought to defend against any foreign aggression, and living through times of poverty and social chaos.

By the time the wars of the twentieth century calmed down and the focus returned to the social status of the nation, there was a divide among the races, classes, and genders. In the sixties and seventies, turmoil arose from the working class against the strength of the wealthy, but the wealthy began to fight back.

In the mist of the national change, Christianity remained the top religious group in America and had long laid claim as the nation’s default religion. However, never had the country blended their defense and loyalty to the country with their love for God until after the class wars heated up and when traditions and beliefs begin to change and social behaviors strayed from Christian values.

Of these values, homosexuality, rampant sexuality and abortion rose during these turbulent times and as a result, Christian leaders were recruited by wealthy white men and politicians to institute a strategy to reclaim the nation under the guise of Christian nationalism. This strategy gained momentum during the late 1980s and strengthened at the turn of the millennium. By contrast, to keep up with the changing times and trends, school systems through the years introduced courses and lesson plans of sexual education, applied studies of various races and cultures, and eventually ended up mixing in lessons of gender equality and inclusion of alternative sexual lifestyles.

As the lessons became more anti-Christian, the Christian nationalist agenda also became strong to combat the changes. Christian leaders and scholars decided to come together and create Christian curricula as an alternative to traditional public school education. In addition to the rise of large Theological Institutions and private Christian charter schools, one such curricula of the many that surfaced is a Christian publisher called Brave Books.

Christian publishers such as Brave Books, among others, reached back to the founding of the country and reintroduce it as a Christian nation. The problem with this is they have mingled in the “love of country” doctrine with the values of the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, this is discouraged in the very Bible they read from, but they refuse to acknowledge this truth as evident.

In their desperation to take control of their children’s lives – and rightly so – they have ignored the actual biblical values and strategies taught by Jesus Christ himself that defeat anti-Christian values, and have errored in instituting a lesson plan of their own based on American values and the values of wealthy white men, as was from the founding of the country. This fact is evident in the curricula analysis we will cover from the Brave Book series below.

From their website:

“We founded BRAVE Books because while we were trying to raise our children to love their God and country, we became more and more aware that there is a real war being waged for the hearts and minds of the next generation.  There is an agenda to confuse and demoralize our children and make them hate their country and the values that it was founded upon. Trent Talbot is the President and founder of BRAVE Books, a conservative children’s book publishing company.”

They confess that the purpose is to raise “our children to love God and country.” This is the first contradiction to the Bible. The Bible says that, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24.

It also contradicts Jesus’ command that a person love the Lord with all their hearts and to love their neighbor the same. “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” Matthew 22:36-40. It said nothing about loving your country or a political party, but a person’s love goes first to God and then to his neighbor. That means their loyalty, commitment, trust, in all deed and thought must be toward God.

In fact, a person who serves God should even deny their family members to an extent. Abraham sacrificed his son to the Lord, and Jesus denied his mother before the people. “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:26. Meaning, a person’s love should be toward God only and He will spread that love toward others.

The mission further claims that there is an agenda “to confuse and demoralize our children and make them hate their country and the values that it was founded upon.” First, there is always a plot to confuse and demoralize anyone because the devil continually seeks whom he may devour. Believers must always teach their children the ways of the Lord to combat all evil. It is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children right from wrong and the children will always remember.

Second, what they mean by their children “hating the country and its values,” refers to the children learning about slavery. Nevertheless, if their children hate the country, it would be because they learn of its sordid past, which includes, human bondage, constant wars and the genocide and colonialism on other nations. But knowing these things do not necessarily lead to hating the country, but simply acknowledging the truth and doing something to change the country’s behavior for a better future. Furthermore, the values that built this country are ones that we should do away with because they are values that demoralize other people who are not of the European descent.

Teaching children to war against the people who want to make change for the better does not represent godly behavior; it creates chaos and division and goes against the commandment of loving one’s neighbor and only teaches children to hate their neighbor and anyone who stands for making change for what is right. The object of this book series is just that, to teach children they have an enemy yet that enemy are merely people who disagree with the country’s past values.

Granted, there are lifestyles that are against God’s commandments being taught to children, what the authors and founders of this book series target are homosexual behavior and aborting of babies. But again, if they teach their children the right ways of the Lord, their children will not be seduced into sinful lifestyles. It is just that simple. Man-made laws and political policies will not solve the problem because the love of money is the root of all evil, not homosexuality, abortion or wokeness.

“To us, it felt like a one-sided battle. That’s why BRAVE Books created an alternative to the current progressive agenda dominating children’s literature. Each book teaches a new traditional value that makes America so special. With the universe and cast of characters we have created as well as the BRAVE Challenges, we are creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience woven into an epic adventure that will live forever in your children’s hearts and minds.”

Again, what they mean by “progressive agenda,” is that they are against what they consider Democrat politics and their agenda of incorporating the LGBTQ agenda into school curricula and any topics related to the history of slavery, race related stories, other cultures and races, and books written by people of color, which is why states began to ban books by certain authors.

But not only are they against the books, they against any political agenda of Democrats such as government programs that support the poor, national agencies that protect the environment, economic theories that create inequality of wealth, and laws that protect consumers against capitalist greed and gouging. They never differentiate between those who teach alternative lifestyles and those who want harmony; they generalize all people into one lump category as Democrats.

All these disagreements are laid out in their book series overlayed in an imaginary place (country) that they wish to see happen in reality. The book series takes place in a land they call Freedom Island as stated:

“With a multi-saga plot, we hope these books will stay with your kids throughout their childhood and will equip them with a BRAVE spirit to combat the very real battle we face as a nation today. Our purpose, through our books, is to honor God by shaping a future generation of Americans who will fight for a nation defined by freedom, truth, humility, bravery, and compassion. Our mission is to help parents instill a love of truth in their children so that the children will be able to withstand harmful progressive influences.”

In theory, their intentions appear harmless on the surface and anyone would agree, however, if each attribute of what they want to teach, i.e., freedom, truth, humility, bravery and compassion were analyzed from their perspective and definitions, what they actually want is to resume the power base that European white men had from the founding of this country and to eliminate the melting pot of culture.

They suppose that if the cultural factor was eliminated, that human equality would evolve naturally and all men would be equal in the nation. Much like their theory on trickle-down economics, by which if all the money were left in the hands of the wealthy first, it would trickle down to the masses naturally. Which has been proven ineffective today because of the massive income gap between the rich and the poor.

Neither does this theory incorporate freedom, but for white men only; neither truth, because they hide their history, or bravery because cowardness and fear of the “other” is rampant among social leaders, and compassion is lacking in the country except for people they deem deserving of compassion. Those they see as worthless have no mercy shown toward them. For God’s sake, homeless people are walked over and people are left to poverty, hunger, debt and illness.

If human equality came from their theory of eliminating cultural classes in America, it would show currently in the politics and laws of the country, which it does not. People of color, mainly Blacks, are profiled and targeted for imprisonment way more than whites. Voting rights would not be taken from people of color, women and the “other,” and job discrimination would not exist. Yes, people can still make it in America, but only after the good Christian white man has made it first. Unfortunately, all these things persist because their theories are manufactured from a fantasy world.

As stated in their mission, “Freedom Island represents the United States and is the fictional universe that all BRAVE stories take place in. There are heroes and villains on Freedom Island, and our heroes face many challenges similar to what we are facing in the United States.”

Their characters are more revealing than their mission statement and their intentions for the country. It segregates people into classes, race, and culture, (which is considered a bad word in their fantasy land); one of the villains in the land is literally called “Culture.” This in itself reveals what they believe about cultural differences in America, to designate the word culture as villainous and menacing. But more revealing is their main hero, Bongo the ape, who represents the complete concept of a second amendment gun enthusiast.

We will break down a few of the characters in their story and relate them to the stereotypes they represent in the country and how the book series see “others,” and who they view as protectors and defenders of what they believe is Freedom, and also who they view as agitators and burdens to society.


The Heroes: “Bongo is a brave gorilla who lives in the Raka Rainforest and enjoys using his coco-nut cannons for all sorts of purposes, but when a situation arises he has to use them for more than just fun. Using both his strength and coconut cannons he fights to defend his home. His act of bravery is noticed by more than just his city; it’s noticed by the Legends of Freedom Island and they invite him to be apart of Team BRAVE.”

Ok, this is an obvious bullhorn for the second amendment if there ever was one. Their top and most valued hero is someone who keeps a gun with him at all times. Though it is used for “all sorts of purposes,” meaning hunting or as a collectable, it is nonetheless sometime needed for protection and defense against a type of threat to Freedom. Additionally, Bongo is recognized by the higher ups and called upon when needed against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The gun culture in America is the worse of the cultural characteristics. Politicians have swung open the doors of the wild west by allowing kids and ordinary citizens to open-carry guns, which lead to school and mass shootings, road rage killings, police brutality, domestic and vigilante violence on innocent neighbors. Unfortunately, their hero represents a murderous lifestyle all to rampant in America’s anti-Christian value system.

“Asher is a clever fox who can make inventions on the fly. Asher lives in Rushington, located in Wiggamore Woods. He used to sell his inventions before facing a threat to capitalism. His wit and bravery are pinnacle in the battle against a communist enemy. His actions saved his city from the horrid and inevitable end communism would have brought. This caught the attention of the Freedom Island Legends and they invited him to be a part of Team BRAVE.”

Asher is representative of the capitalist class billionaire who feels threatened by income equality and economic control and regulation by the government. Communism is apparently intruding on his ability to sell his inventions yet the US does not implement communist policies. So basically, his threat would be coming from outside the country from communist countries that neutralize capitalist ventures, which is not true of the United States. Therefore, his grievances should be against those countries instead of his own.

“Valor is a valiant warrior tiger whose courage has pushed him to victory in many battles. He has a strong sense of character and a perpetual duty to preserve the integrity of Freedom Island. He has made his home in the frozen city of Shivermore.”

Valor is obviously a military veteran or anyone who serves as a protector of Freedom or law and order, such as a police officer. The Christian conservative right-wing constantly claim their support of the troops yet their actions reveal another story when they go to vote for programs that benefit veterans. On the contrary, they beef up support for the police by awarding them military-grade weapons against any social uprising or even peaceful protest in the streets. Thus, Valor represents all that is control of the masses.

“Eva is a Hippo who lives in Starlotte City and has a deep comedic sassiness that has been overshadowed by her fear of public speaking. A situation arises that threatens to take away an animal’s ability to act freely. She chooses to overcome her fear of public speaking in order to defend her city and its peoples freedom. By overcoming her fear of what others think and saving her city she gets noticed by the Legends of Freedom Island and Invited to join Team BRAVE.”

Eva is representative of moms and parents who Christian conservatives recruit to disrupt school board meetings and state legislatures. They are the women who stand for the values of what they deem as American freedoms. These women are financially backed by wealthy donors and lobbyist who push their agendas against the dreaded culture wars, meaning people of color, the gay agenda and the “other.” They are given a public platform to voice their opinions and oppositions and protected by the Valors and Bongos of the country.

The Villains: “Culture is a conniving Vulture who seeks to manipulate whomever he comes into contact with. His goal is simple: cause chaos among all animals. His main tactic is deception. By wrapping his lies with a small layer of truth, he becomes a tough character to beat. The only way to beat Culture is to hold on to what is true.”

Unexpectedly, “Culture,” is a villainous bird that seeks to devour truth. Meaning, anything that relates to the various cultures and races of the world would be considered a threat to what they believe is true. In comes the “Culture” wars of today’s society. This is sad to even ponder because culture is a good thing overall, but Christian conservatives view it as a bad thing and an enemy of the people. They have set out to destroy every culture except their own, which is European by nature.

The sad thing is they consider anyone who teaches anything against Euro-values a liar, conniving, deceptive and a creator of chaos and division. But if they truly wanted to overcome this villain, they would teach the true meaning of the word culture and not replace it with a stipulated definition of all things sinful.

“Wolves are a group that seek to take control of Freedom Island. They prey on animals’ wants and promise to make their dreams come true if they give them all the power. They desire to devour all of the resources other animals work so hard for. They were taught this terrible tactic by a mysterious animal who has yet to be revealed.”

The wolf character and its mission are more hilarious than anything. Apparently, they are referring to the Democrat agenda of social programs that assist people in need, such as welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and social security. They claim that these are all bribes to get lower income people to vote for the Democrats and that they promise to take from the wealthy and give to them if they do, which is simply not true.

If trickle-down economics actually worked, there would be less need for public assistance because if wages kept up with the cost of living over the years, and union jobs and pensions were still a thing, healthcare, education and home ownership would be more affordable instead of privatizing and padding the bank accounts of the wealthy. Even more amusing is their description of a mysterious animal yet to be revealed, who is implied as George Soros, the deep state, or the global elite.

These are things they want to teach their children in order to characterize anyone who is not Christian or conservative as bad for the country and an enemy to war against. They are not addressing the problems with facts and data, but with a biased logic and are simply using Republican talking points to miseducate their children.

“Parrots are the news source for all of Freedom Island. The information they spread can be a huge benefit but it can cause huge problems.”

Oh Lord, here is the attack on the fake news media. They are turning their children against the news media because when the media report facts to the public, and those facts speak against all that Christian conservatives and the Republican party stand for. Though the media is definitely biased to some extent, especially toward people of color and foreign countries, when it comes to politics, they tend to report only what is said by politicians in the news and who votes for which policies. If their children are smart enough to discern the words and values of the Bible, they can surely discern the difference between a lie and the truth as told by the media.

“Weasels hate authority and every form of rules. They want to see the downfall of regulations and laws so that all animals can be “truly free” from anyone but really they just want to create chaos.”

This description is projection if there ever was. Those who hate authority, rules, and regulations are those who want to run rampant over the system without rules so they can gouge and rob the public blind of their wages without consequences. They are those who despise government and want to erase the foundations and rebuild in the image of free market capitalism, squash the freedoms of the ‘other,” and build a wall around wealth.

“Hyenas are not the smartest animals on Freedom Island but what they lack in brain they make up for in brawn. They use their strength and weapons to harm others to get their way. Hyenas dwell mostly in deserted desert but they wander all over Freedom Island.”

Guess who the Hyenas are? This is a sickening display of bigotry, hate and stereotyping. Of course, these are Blacks and other minorities who they consider uneducated, athletic, and criminal minded. The deserted desert is what is left of the urban cities after industry moved out to the suburbs to supply white families with jobs and after they moved the rest overseas, which left deserts and ghettos for Blacks to fend for themselves. What an obvious and hateful characterization and very un-Christian like.

“Karl the Koala likes to spend his time in deep thought about what is wrong in society and then comes up with a plan to make it even worse. His use of big words discombobulates those he speaks to and causes them to believe what he says despite the lack of reason.”

Karl is a representation of the University scholar, professor. The educated elite that thinks deep about how to destroy the simple white man using big words. This is an attempt to turn their own children against the university system and turn them to studying the Bible. Unfortunately, this attempt will stunt the growth of their children because it is beneficial to learn about the world all inclusive to the knowledge of the Bible. Many bible characters were educated and wise about the world. They knew physics, anatomy, math, and geography in order to build cities and care for the people. What a sad characterization of education.

“Black Heart the black and red tiger is the most feared villain of all the BRAVE Universe. He is driven by his desire to rule and believes that fear is more powerful than freedom. His goal is to control and enslave all of the BRAVE Universe.”

This is an easy one to interpret. Biden of course, or any Democratic president to come. Christian conservatives teach their children that Democrat presidents are dictators and control the public by fear, using such things as COVID 19, mask mandates, and lockdowns. In addition to past presidents such as Obama who wanted to turn America into a Muslim country. This is a very sad attempt to confuse children into thinking that the Democrats need to be destroyed, and it will manifest in a bad way.

Overall, the curricula of the brave book series are full of Republican talking points contrived by a people who are afraid their power is diminishing in the country and that people of color are taking over. It is a sad cry for help powered by a belief of the conspiracy theory of “The Great Replacement Theory,” in which white people think that the Democratic Party is ushering in people of color and immigrants from other countries to replace whites.

One last extremely telling thing is that there is a part of the Island comically called Car-a-Largo, a beautiful coastal part of the Island that harbors the Islands most exclusive resorts and places. This is obviously a plug for their true mission, which is to return power to their actual messiah, Donald Trump.

In essence, if anyone is teaching the children to hate the country, it is them, the authors and founders of this book series. It teaches the children to reject the melting pot theory and cultural richness of the country, the educational system, the political system, the news media, the economic base and the system designed to help others. Only God knows what happens within the pages of the series but the mission says it all along with the characters embodied within.

The true purpose of this series is to eliminate all the current systems and rebuild in the image of what once was; a country of wealthy white men with all power over the ‘other,” and to separate the people among class and color lines. And what is so horrific about it all, is that they want to do it using the very Word of God itself, which is an abomination to Him and will definitely bring a curse upon this nation.

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