As technology advances into easier and more rapid forms of mobile communications, television being accessible not only from your living room but from your computer screen or iPod, and a touch screen generation emerging, it all seems pretty sleek and ultramodern, but deep within this chasm of technical euphoria, morality, decency, and old fashion honesty is plunging to a new Greco-Roman low.

Think Gladiators. When people (for pleasure) watched brute men kill each other in cold blood then afterward turn and applaud like at a football game. Think Salem witch burnings, think gas chamber, torture, slave-lynching and all other such gruesome forms of human annihilation performed for the simple pleasures of those who sought to fulfill secret, psycho-pathetic lust. What state of mind do you believe the perpetrators were in to commit such crimes against humanity. Well, that state of mind is resurfacing in America.

Simply Google these words or phrases and you can see for yourself that this mindset is not hidden in the back hills of Kentucky or West Virginia, or the foothills of Massachusetts, but in places like the United States Congress, Hollywood, Wall Street, Ivy League institutions, even down to the suburban family unit. Masochism in its raw and demented form is spreading throughout America untamed and this self-inflicted gratification gained from pain, deprivation, and degradation is being inflicted upon the American people by the diabolical minds of America’s rich and famous.

You may ask who is purposefully deprived. Who is publicly humiliated for the simple pleasures of others, or who gets satisfaction from seeing others in pain and suffering? Well, turn your television channels to cable news and other programs that profile America’s prisons, street-gang life, human-traffic, War coverage, serial killer documentaries, marrying for money, corporate espionage, even the many unregulated television commercials and infomercials that are allowed by the FCC to sell the public useless gadgets, unproven remedies, and how-to, get-rich scams.

These are all forms of gratification gained from the pain of others; a sick, sorted game of self-inflicted masochism pushed on the American public in a cruel plan to disfigure their minds with a new-age form of medieval immorality. From the rural towns of America’s fruited plains to the shores of Australia, Europe and anywhere misogyny, homosexuality, and racism takes hold of the culture, there is a curriculum to replace all that is indigenous and humane with this New World Order psychology.


The pleasures of the rich and wealthy are fulfilled in fixated fantasies of lewd and unbridled power and control of defenseless souls. A sort of here-and-now Hell created as a precursor to the misery of the world to come. Think population control, humans as resources, collateral damage of bombings, disease, pandemics, war, terrorism, covert military opts, recessions, depressions, and the many other popular words published by mainstream media and then consider who is involved in all the above. Think private clubs, pedophilia, priest, sodomy, murder, group-sex, pornography, disease, homosexuality, abortions, drugs, and then consider who is behind the cameras.

These are not practices of a civilized or advanced society, but appeals of the maniacal. How many times have we heard that those who seek control over others, more precisely the weaker, are psychologically challenged with deep-seated and unresolved childhood issues. Who parents’ these third and forth generation lunatics? Who cloak these images of satanic rituals in forms of streaming entertainment and inflict them upon a society ill-equipped to discern between good and evil when good is waning and being dissolved by the lessons of American masochism.

Who can stand on the foundation of honesty and integrity when all such belief systems are regarded as weak, old fashion, or behind the times? What generation will stand and challenge a society that embraces selfishness and individuality over unity, peace, and brotherhood. Who can lead a nation through the current epidemic of immorality and corruption to a compromised state of reality, justice, or true human equality? For what reason do we awake each day to thrive and soak in revelry, sink or swim in the workday and live or die in negotiations with an ever strengthening totalitarian government.

The future of America is gloomy; marred and uncertain. Without morality as a foundation, as it collapses each day under the weight of the deep state of cultism, the concept and practice of love will become lost and only those who have a clue or remember what real love is, will survive the coming days of darkness and social control by the state.

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