Listening to some of America’s most popular pastors anyone without bible knowledge would think the United States government is out to crucify Christians. Their recent sermons consist of topics that address the church’s struggle against what they consider tyranny, Marxism, and Democratic socialism, which includes, wokeness, CRT (Critical Race Theory), and social justice movements.

During the pandemic, they were up in arms about having to close their churches, believing that the US government – in an attempt to protect the population from a perceived virus – were persecuting the church by preventing them from worshipping God. They preached as if this was all planned to eliminate God from public life and at some point, jail anyone who believed in God.

This of course was an illusion in the minds of people who have no real persecution going on in their lives, so they dramatize the first thing that comes along. Also, during this time in early 2020, the George Floyd protest were happening that caused the country and world to speak against police violence against Black men. When riots broke out these preachers swore to heaven and hell that the world was on fire. Ironically, not once did they speak so harsh about the January 6 riots to overthrow the government they see as tyrannical. Because this is what they want.

They whined about having to wear face mask and social distance and taking the vaccine, believing that the vaccine was part of the mark of the beast plot or that is was being forced upon the public. It wasn’t. Wearing face mask and taking the vaccine was all voluntary except in public places, yet there were no mass jailing’s or government firing squads if anyone were found without a mask or not taking the vaccine.

These so-called men of God were acting like cowards and brats, afraid of a mask and a shot, while many people took the shot and have lived to tell about it. It was all hype, paranoia, and topped with cowardly excuses. In addition to the mask and the vaccines, they complain about homosexuals in their private spaces, women getting abortions, and having to serve or service people they do not believe are Christians. These things are happening all over the world, not just in America.


In all the above situations, a person has a choice to allow it to bother them or simply ignore it and continue with life and doing God’s work. What they are screaming about is not persecution whatsoever; this is life happening and them not agreeing with it. None of them are in prison, have been killed, or are on trial like Jesus was. These men are hungry for persecution and one day it will come with a vengeance, and they will not be able to endure like a true Christian should.

Want to talk about persecution for being who you are? Want to see what real persecution is? Try being Black in America. These preachers will not talk about that though. They ignore this fact. Blacks have suffered constant persecution for simply existing and being Black. They have been through hell trying to survive in this country since the time they were brought here against their will.

Blacks in America have run from slave catchers, caught and sometimes hung; been raped, beaten, deprived of food and water, education and opportunity that this so-called Christian country offers to its white Christians. Black America have suffered through housing, educational, and economic discrimination being eliminated from living a decent life and raising their children. They have been jailed and imprisoned disproportionally (and still are), shot and killed by law enforcement officers for menial reasons or for no reasons other than being Black.

Blacks have suffered for Christ’ sake even if they are not Christians. Black Christians also, have suffered discrimination in the churches, by white preachers and congregation members, neighbors who claim they are Christians and are supposed to love them as neighbors. Blacks have been run out of neighborhoods, schools, jobs, and businesses all for the sake of Christ, and in the name of Christ. That is persecution, not what these cowards are whining about.

These preachers shout from lavish pulpits about having to close their churches during the pandemic while Black (and poor whites) suffered through evictions, joblessness, and working outside in a virus-ridden society. These preachers were collecting tithes and offerings online while Blacks and other poor were forced to work under capitalist CEOs complaining about losing profits, when they realized mostly Blacks were dying from the virus, demanded they “get back to work.”

These preachers fly around in private jets, board yachts, drive hundred-thousand-dollar cars and dress in thousand-dollar suits, shoes, and jewelry while Blacks and other poor collect coupons, apply for food stamps and take payday loans just to stay afloat and survive. Yet these preachers claim they are the ones being persecuted?

They claim the government is tyrannical and oppressive toward Christians, yet they live in multimillion dollar homes behind gated communities. They proclaim the government is pushing a “woke” culture that suppresses freedom of speech, yet they take to the airways over national television screens and the Internet to spout their false doctrine of prosperity gospel.

They cry about Critical Race Theory and political correctness and cancel culture while they teach lies, false doctrine, propaganda, and misinterpret scripture to fit their capitalist agendas to fill their coffers with the dollars of hard-working people. They drain gullible people of money to occupy their bible colleges and seminaries only to indoctrinate them on the false history of American-Christian exceptionalism.

These men are not men of God if they cannot see that suffering for Christ does not mean having to close your church or wear a face mask or take a shot. God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth, not necessarily at church every Sunday. God did not disappear during the virus. As the scripture reads… “so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” 2 Timothy 3:8.

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