Lawmakers are proposing laws that suggest raising a child in an alternative lifestyle and family, is a form of child abuse and endangerment. They say that “grooming” kids for self-identifying as the opposite sex should be a criminal act. If this theory is scientifically true enough for it to become law, then teaching children to hate other cultures to the point of verbal and physical abuse, should also be considered “grooming,” and a form of child abuse.

Studies show the effects of physical, mental, and emotional abuse are reasons many children are scared throughout their lives. Demonstrating signs of low self-esteem, drug abuse, aggression, delinquency, and depression. So, if the “grooming and indoctrination” theories withstands a plausible case for new laws, surely the manifestations of aggression, bullying, provoked violence, harassment, and a low-level form of terrorism can be attributed to children being raised under racist indoctrination.

Psychologists say children become victims to their abuser and in turn many times repeat the same abusiveness toward others in their lives. According to data and the progression of alternative lifestyles in the US, people are growing into these lifestyles because of them being groomed as children. So, the cycle continues and grows. The phenomena of racism have also perpetuated throughout US history being passed down from generation to generation yet is somehow unseen as a psychological form of indoctrination that turns people into racist.

Obviously, the gatekeepers of the US choose to ignore this reality and not include it into psychological studies based on theories of grooming children for uncivilized behavior. Racism is as much as a moral problem as alternative lifestyles and acts homosexuality yet ignored.

A hypothesis to this conflict would suggest that as long as the indoctrination of racism is ignored and continues as a generational pastime, every other problem will continue to rise as children grow into a society lacking any moral compass at all. Not only is homosexuality growing, but the deletion of unborn babies, failed marriages and a cultural depopulation will only escalate.


The study of social development is not a strong point in the logic of US lawmakers. They are hell bent on stopping a lifestyle they deem a threat to their children, all children, yet their intelligence is limited at the point of studying their oldest psychological source of indoctrination of hatred into their own children toward people who are, as a result, socially disenfranchised because of skin color. Make it make sense.

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