Who else is tired of the MAGA bullies and threats coming from white males who swear they are persecuted yet live under white male privilege? Why, does a proud country of Laws, with highly advanced government law enforcement agencies, the most powerful military in the world, in possession of hundreds of thousands of nuclear weapons, high tech drones and muscle-bound ground equipment bow to a bunch of whiny, suburban, rural, and mountain-dwelling militia thugs?

How long will the U.S. Government and the mainstream media allow a mafia-style street gang and its thuggish leader make public threats to official’s and their families without simply storming their homes and taking their asses to jail? What happen to the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis tough guy image of good ole American vigilantism taking out the bad guys?

Even Christian leaders and preachers are making threats under the guise of the Holy Bible using prophesies of old to threaten the well-being of people who have literally done nothing to them. Journalist, reporters, and news anchors turn to jelly when they see words posted online or get phone calls from some anonymous troll that threatens their livelihood and the future of the country.

FACT: These people are all talk. Violence is their MO yet violence will only take you so far until it is met with the same. Bullies usually end up being confronted and shut down by someone just as tough as they are. So where are the people to stand up against these fools?

People most likely do not have a problem with responsible and sensible Republicans running the government, but there are millions of people who will be damned to allow someone to rule them like some deranged drill sergeant, holding a gun to their head spitting in their faces.


Maybe the politicians and journalist secretly want some form of personal Fifty Shades of abuse in their lives. Maybe they have daddy issues that need working out. Or maybe this country has actually become a country of sheer wimps and snowflakes.

On the other hand, why does law enforcement get thrills from brutalizing, imprisoning, and even murdering helpless and sometimes innocent people (including children), yet turn a blind eye at threats coming from people who swear to kill, hang, and rape Congress members, police officers, judges, prosecutors, government workers and their families? How soft are these people?

Average people (normally the working poor and people of color), would face traumatizing persecution from law enforcement if they even blinked at an officer while passing by on the other side of the street. (It has happened). But somehow, white militia men can open carry military-grade weapons into government buildings and literally yell threats at government officials and walk out untouched.

What the hell is wrong with this country? How can this be happening when law and order, the rule of law, and every other judicial and legal precedent promises prosecution to those who defy law enforcement or causes social chaos? When will people stop these fools so average people can go about their lives in a secure and safe environment?

To hell with these people. Let them vent, rage and threaten all they want but DO NOT take flight in fear because they got words, an attitude and a bumper sticker with vile words and pictures of guns on them. Find these people, round them up and enforce the so-called rule of law this country is so proud to use against people who cannot defend themselves.

What a bunch of cowards. Literally, both groups. All this must be true because American leadership has come to the point, they are on the verge of relinquishing their hard-earned Democracy to an authoritarian form of government simply because they are too afraid to fight back. But remember, death is better than bondage.

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