From government military, corporate and politics steeples, down to the jealous husband, the concept of spying via public surveillance reveals a flaw in the overall stability of the one doing the spying. Of course, major excuses and reasoning are in place to justify this massive campaign of public spying, such as legal and criminal reasons, but it becomes suspect when too much privacy is violated.

Target marketing, insurance claims, traffic tickets and rewinds of public movements have become the norm in this age of super technology. But not all is being used for good, but most for evil or profit. Cameras are everywhere; to watch people and their activities and to exploit people minding their business.

Historically and biblically, the act of spying was used to scout out the ground of foreign lands for potential growth, or to make note of the size of the population for settlement reasons. But never was it used as a weapon against those being spied on.

Today and in recent times past, spying has been used to gather intelligence on a supposed enemy so to determine how to strike against that enemy or how to plan any future strategies against them. Spying and private investigations are also used by spouses in insecure fits of jealousy or employers seeking to catch someone stealing from them; to watch every move of the other party, which is to-date called stalking.

One can logically conclude that the act of spying – in the context of recent times – is a social negative; a desperate act on the part of the one doing the spying to plot the destruction of the other or to gather information on the private lives of the other to use it against them in a negative way or in cases of defense. On a personal level to the public level, as in photographic surveillance and wiring and phone tapping, spying reflects a psychological paranoia against another.


When used against Black militancy in the early sixties, the United States government supposedly spied on the doings of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., and to this day, there are rumors that King’s widow was also included in government surveillance. For what reason – other than neutralization – would the U.S. government have to watch every move of these people, or any people, is beyond reason, seeing they were only seeking justice.

When asking why a husband would spy on his ex-wife or vise-versa, or why a discarded boyfriend would stalk a woman, one would assume there is an emotional insecurity eating away at the one doing the spying. So, what difference does it make who is doing the spying and for what reason, it all reveals insecurity, unless the one spying feels threatened.

When stories of the government municipalities using heavy surveillance against the public via cameras and tapping, one has to consider the possibility of insecurity on the part of the government. Again, if one feels threatened by the public or by their ex, it is understandable to keep watch on the suspect, but if the suspect posses no threat in proportion to size or might, what is there to fear?

Unless the U.S. government is suspecting the people will rise against it one day to overthrow the leadership, or if intelligence agencies expect a massive conspiracy of Black folks or militia groups to rise and overrun the man, or a husband suspects his ex is plotting his death by sniping, there is no real reason to spy on the weaker party, especially if that party has no intentions on moving against the other.

Again, when one or any civilized institution feels it has to watch the moves and listen in on the words of a smaller people who pose no threat, it is questionable as to the sanity of their actions and the relevance of the outcome. For what information could they gather that is not already displayed through normal living? Not everyone is criminal.

Spying is a weakness on the part of the one doing the spying and reveals a deep-seated level of insecurity and a psycho pathological need for control. Not to mention a suggested level of perversion. Who knows where all the cameras are for real? In the home? The public restrooms? The bedrooms coming through the televisions? God forbid.

Furthermore, if the higher authorities feel the need to use private information gathered by spying against private citizens or groups in an attempt to have more control, this signals a serious imperfection in that institution and that institution just may need to come down by force of the people.

Ethics remains a human trait that no matter how hard any force tries, can never be buried under the inventions of men or the immoralities of a society gone astray. If one has nothing to hide, why search for anything at all?

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