Not to say that the Democrats are any better, but this generation of the Republican Party are the most intellectually misguided, crooked and power-hungry people on this God’s earth today. People need to realize that the Republican Party is not “for the people” or the “working class.” They are out strictly to make the wealthy as much money as possible off the backs of working families.

Republican representatives have been bought off and paid for by lobbyist who do the bidding of wealthy corporations and greedy capitalist. They even have the Supreme Court in their back pockets also, who have legalized bribery so corporations can buy and own politicians who will pass laws that protect their interest instead of the interest of the people.

The Republicans distract the voters by instigating culture wars such as abortion rights, homosexuality, racial issues, and government oppression. As long as they can keep their voting based riled up about social issues, they do not have to worry about them knowing the truth about economic issues and the actual loss of true freedoms that the country faces.

Their voting record is clearly against the interest of the people and the voters who vote for them do not seem to realize that they are hurting their own selves and the future of their children by supporting these people. In a blind rage against immigrants, people of color, homosexuals, and women, Republican voters are tearing down their own country despite their face.

Many people are in debt (medical and educational), are sickly from toxins in food and water, are barely making a living wage and cannot afford to buy a house, pay rent, medical insurance, car repairs and insurance, internet, cell-phone, and many utility bills, because all disposable income people work for are taxed and is going directly to the wealthy in the form of massive pay checks, working people’s taxes used as subsidies for corporations, bailouts, and business tax cuts.


Some of the policies that the Democratic party has passed that would relieve the people of many financial and social burdens have all been blocked by Republican controlled house and senates since the time of Ronald Reagan, to Clinton and Obama, and now the Biden administration. The most recent blocking are the bills below:

Cheaper gas
Cheaper insulin
Child tax credits for young families
Voting rights Act for all to have a national right to vote
Fighting domestic terrorism such as white supremacy groups and shooters
Background checks for assault weapons and bans on military-style weapons
Stopping domestic violence
Veteran’s cancer care
Affordable care act
Infrastructure bills to create more jobs
A compromise on tightening the border

And many more proposed bills that would make life easier for families and working people. The Republican Party does not work for the people, they work for the wealthy, who want to drain society of every dollar so they can make money. Right now, “The 3 Richest Americans Hold More Wealth Than Bottom 50% Of The Country, Study Finds.”

Again, not to claim the Democrats are innocent, they too, are bought off by the wealthy and many times neglect working families, however, they are most likely to propose bills and laws that help people, not neutralize them. Their ideology is to raise taxes on the wealthy and the high-income working class in order to create programs and safety nets for people who have become victims to capitalism’s strong hold and exploitation of the average working families, which have increased in numbers over the last 50 years.

In addition, many voters (particularly Republican voters) do not realize that the Trump tax cuts his administration passed in 2017 is just beginning to hit working families for more taxes up until the year 2027. Each year, working families will pay more in taxes than the wealthy, as the wealthy taxes get lower over time.

The law they passed initially lowered taxes for most Americans, but it built in automatic, stepped tax increases every two years that begin in 2021 and that by 2027 would affect nearly everyone but people at the top of the economic hierarchy. All taxpayer income groups with incomes of $75,000 and under — that’s about 65 percent of taxpayers — will face a higher tax rate in 2027 than in 2019.

For most, in fact, it’s a delayed tax increase dressed up as a tax cut. How many times have you heard Trump and his allies mention that? They surmised — correctly, so far — that if they waited to add the tax increases until after the 2020 election, few of the people most affected were likely to remember who was responsible.”

All Republicans voted for this but the mainstream media never actually told the truth about the tax bill. They are on the payroll of the wealthy so they talked it up as a good thing and people bought it, and are still buying it, when in reality, it is about to add insult to injury on top of inflation.

Corporations and their price gouging is the cause for inflation, by rising prices to supplement for profit loses during the COVID lockdowns. No one expected COVID (in what is called God’s wrench into the American economy), by which temporary relief was given to working people against all odds of vulture capitalism. But now the chickens have come home to roost and the wealthy are tightening their grip and choke hold on the American people, using the Republicans to do so.

In addition to bad economic policy, the Republicans have no actual plans for the future of the country, except authoritarianism. If they take power again, the Democrats will not see power for at least another generation because the Republicans are going to install a dictator to be president as long as he wants.

They want power. To control the country and make laws that line up with religious fundamentalism and white supremacy rule. If they could, they would reinstitute segregation and a new form of Jim Crow. They want to take the country backwards to the time of white men only.

However, in their ignorance of natural law and the will of the human spirit, they cannot see beyond their selfish needs of the good ole days to a world that has by-passed them socially, intellectually, and economically. What is worse is that they are building a society based on lies, such as Trump won, Critical Race Theory is harmful, viruses do not exist, and Democrats are demons.

Lies are always defeated by the truth and evil always comes to the light. But they are devoid of any spiritual understanding, which will eventually bring them to their knees when the light of truth exposes their lies and they realize they have no plan to repair all the damage they will do if placed in power again.

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