The Republican Congress has launched an investigation into the working behind the origins of COVID and the role Anthony Fauci played. According to them, they, and the MAGA base, believes that Fauci lied to the public and caused the spread of the virus.

Strange how no other country is involved in this spectacle except the United States. This shows the world how screwed up the minds of people in America really are.

They are probing public records, government email and Fauci’s former agency, the National Institutes of Health, looking for anything that would implicate him as the cause of the pandemic. They are expanding conspiracy theories and lies into the congressional office for no reason other than distraction.

Instead of addressing problems that the American public are genuinely concerned about, such as affordable health care, sky-rocketing prices and the cost of living, gun violence, drug use and trafficking, the national debt or anything that could bring much needed change to society, Congress is gaslighting the people and wrongfully assume this is what the people want for their tax dollars.

They are the most unless Congress in the history of the country as they continue to obstruct progress along with standing behind a man convicted of criminal activity while in office as president. This is a waste of time and taxpayers’ money, and the American people should be furious.


And as always, the mainstream media stands behind this circus because they are beneficiaries of wealth by distraction and the propaganda they are paid to flood the public with. By no means are the Democrats any help for the people because they lack the ability or the courage to stop this foolishness.

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