This list needs a reality check. Global Firepower’s 2023 Military Strength Ranking lists 145 countries in order of their overall strength.

The ranking considers factors including the amount of military equipment and troops each country has, as well as their financial standing, geography, and available resources.

It uses these factors to generate a PowerIndex score, with a score closer to zero indicating a more powerful military.

Here’s how the top 25 countries stack up:

1: US
2: Russia
3: China
4: India
5: UK
6: South Korea
7: Pakistan
8: Japan
9: France
10: Italy
11: Turkey
12: Brazil
13: Indonesia
14: Egypt
15: Ukraine
16: Australia
17: Iran
18: Israel
19: Vietnam
20: Poland
21: Spain
22: Saudi Arabia
23: Taiwan
24: Thailand
25: Germany


These rankings explain why the US has only fought with weaker countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq and the smaller, militarily challenged African nations. If they were to go up against any of the above, there is a great chance that they will be severely depleted in many areas.

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