Jesus Was Not Soft: He Spoke Truth to Power

Love is power; hate and lies are evil and misleading. So for all you hypocrites, liars, and doubters, Jesus did not teach the slave mindset nor did he teach anyone to become a master. That is the Devil’s teachings.

Aug 13, 2023 - 11:33
Nov 22, 2023 - 17:37
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Jesus Was Not Soft: He Spoke Truth to Power

To all the Bible-hating, Jesus bashing so-called Black conscious brothers and sisters out there, along with your ignorant, hypocritical, historically confused white, red-neck false evangelical teachers of Christianity, Jesus was not white nor was he a submissive, master-loving slave to Christianity. Jesus was a speaker of the truth who did not hold his tough against oppression and ignorance.

The very Bible you two degenerate low-lives condemn and champion describes the person of Jesus’ character, ethnicity, and total purpose as a man who completely exposed the lies and hypocrisy of those who called themselves religious leaders and conscious thinkers. He had no need of a weapon to make his point nor did he need millions of dollars, he simply told the truth as it were written from the prophets of old in things pertaining to God.

He was of Jewish decent, from the Hebrew stock of the Middle Eastern part of the world where men were browned by the sun and warped by the elements of nature. He did not have blond hair and blue eyes; that is a lie. His family lived in Egypt for most of his young life where he learned the ways of North African cultures, language and values. He understood the nature of humanity through the teachings and proverbs of the elders of Egypt, Palestine, and Israel. 

He was a man after God’s own heart so he could relate to the average person. He was a carpenter who worked for a living; of the working poor class of society. He was not gorgeously arrayed in fine clothes nor was he anywhere near attractive, but “there was no beauty that we should desire him,” (the Bible says). He was not some public figure who spoke before the press or took interviews. In fact, he was despised by the mainstream public and shunned by religious leaders.

When Jesus returned to Jerusalem, he was inspired by God to teach the people the ways of God and to realize the teachings of the prophets of old. He did not charge for his gatherings nor did he choose only the rich to attend. He attracted the poor, the working, the sick, the homeless and all those who were oppressed by the rich. He was an outcast of normal society because he told truths that the religious church leaders were not telling the people. They hated him for that and threw him out of the synagogues and the churches. So no, he did not attend church except once or twice when he went in there and overturned their tables of capital and to undermine the teachings of the Priest.

He did not tell people to submit to masters who brutalized them or who oppressed them for their wages. That is a lie. He never told anyone that enslaving and beating a certain race of people was ok in his book. That also, is a lie. He taught love not hate. He taught trust and honesty not doubt and deception. Jesus was a teacher of the truth for humanity not against humanity. Nor did he need a caravan of wagons to escort him around the world (equivalent to personal jets of today) because he knew that his words of truth were powerful enough to carry on through generations.

Jesus understood men’s hearts and how cruel they could be. He spoke against the rich and supported the poor; and no, he did not suggest that people live in poverty on purpose; he knew that rich men would create a poor class and he told the poor how to resist. He did not invent an imaginary place called heaven so that people would submit to evil men; that is a lie. He taught that if you practiced evil, evil would surely find you. He taught that heaven is a place of inner peace that many can find if only they denounced evil, otherwise, they would live in their own personal hell.

He teaches that the opposite of evil is good and that good has rewards of its own kind. If you have not experienced those rewards, then check your own life for evil. He teaches that you do not have to live under the laws and oppression of mankind because God has His own set of laws and if you live by them, you will be unbounded by man’s laws, oppression, and judgment. If a person cannot understand the message of Jesus Christ and His teachings, they have been deceived by the very evil that wants them to hate God, Jesus, and the church. 

Jesus walked the streets among the people teaching about God, not from the pulpit. The church leaders hated it so much they complained to the Roman Empire that this man was treasonous. The Roman Empire had a trial and found no wrong in Jesus so turned him back over to the church leaders. They condemned him, beat him, and afterward crucified him. He never opened his mouth because who was he as one man to challenge the ruling authorities? He was outnumbered by society and many had turned their backs on him. He was brave enough to still stand and speak the truth to power in the face of persecution and adversity; all for the sake those who would believe in him for generations afterward.

Those who speak against oppression, deception, false doctrine and false gods, cultural superiority and anything that is against the purpose and will of God the creator of humanity carry His message. And those who teach against him teach against all that he stood for. Love is power; hate and lies are evil and misleading. So for all you hypocrites, liars, and doubters, Jesus did not teach the slave mindset nor did he teach anyone to become a master. That is the Devil’s teachings. So you infidels can just simply go to your own personal hell.

ministercr A minister, teacher and preacher of the gospel of Christ for 32 years. Peace and love to all. Stay prayerful.