Two of six officers who burst into a house in Braxton, Mississippi, without a search warrant and assaulted Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker with stun guns, a sex toy and other objects.”

Nothing will be done about the systemic racism practiced by many United States law enforcement officers, let alone the hundreds of militias vigilante gangs that roam this country in search of violence. The courts and politicians will turn a blind eye and simply say acts like these are random and there is nothing to see here.

As they continue to deny and neglect the safety of people of color at the hands of these Neanderthal-type nonhumans, the country will continue to suffer the consequences of curses that have taken a tight grip on the politics, families, and the social order of everyday life.

The so-called superior intellectuals of America’s white race are void of basic humanity, wisdom, and the spiritual discernment to realize that the more they brutalize, mistreat, murder, and ignore their racist characteristics, the farther down the rabbit hole it goes as it descends into conspiracy thinking, satanic lies, and a twisted sense of justice.

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