As a reminder to those with extremely short memories and who are politically misinformed, the chaos going on in NYC regarding the Venezuelan migrants has a political backstory beginning with the last president’s administration.

At the orders of America’s oil-rich companies, the last president beckoned their calls to plant a stooge as president, Juan Guaido, in place of the acting Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. The reason was to take control of Venezuela’s oil reserves to fill the coffers of wealthy US oil barons. “Trump recognizes Venezuelan opposition leader as nation’s president. President Donald Trump on Wednesday (2019) announced that he is recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela.”

When that did not work, the Trump administration, “imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company as a way to cripple the administration of President Nicolás Maduro.” Once the sanctions were imposed, conservative media went to town trashing the South American country as a failed socialist state.

They broadcast pictures of empty grocery stores and scenes of poverty throughout the country. Next, the immigrant caravans became a problem and were also broadcast 24/7 by Fox News and other conservative media companies. This was in an attempt to direct the 2020 election to the favor of Trump, warning that Biden would turn America into a failed socialist state like Venezuela.

Now that the election is over and Trump lost, the conservatives amped up their anti-immigrant wars – all inclusive of their rejection of Christian values to take in the stranger – by conducting political stunts that would allow border states such as Texas and Florida to bus migrants to Democrat run cities and states. All in a show of petty political theater and vindictiveness; not to mention ignorance.


Since April of 2022, Texas and Florida have been sending Venezuelan migrants to California, New York and other states on busses, lying to them with promises of jobs and citizenship. “As of early September, more than 100,000 migrants had arrived in New York City since the spring of 2022. Many arrivals to New York City last year were Venezuelans who had entered through the southern border. More than seven million refugees and migrants had left Venezuela, a country of 29 million people, as of February…”

Now, NYC is overrun with migrants and having problems sheltering them, getting work for them, and policing them. Unfortunately, policing them is not really a problem seeing NYPD have conducted many raids on shelters to take away scooters used by the migrants to work as Uber Eats delivery people. In their everyday, normal mode, NYPD have been accused of excessive force and clashing with young migrant men during the raids. It’s what they do to keep them busy.

The NYC school system also, is overrun with migrant children as the city struggles to employ enough teachers for the normal student body, let alone the migrant children. In the mist of all the crises, the “Mayor Eric Adams has called it a humanitarian crisis that will cost the city about $12 billion over three years. Mr. Adams has also begun discouraging migrants from seeking refuge in New York City.”

Though the Mayor started out as an advocate for the migrants, the pressures from the community residents have turned him into an anti-migrant angry man. This is the goal of the conservatives, to turn the people’s heart against the migrants and the policies of the current administration using the same Christian hypocrisy that poisons their hearts; bigotry.

As the crisis looms over the city and country, conservatives are blowing the bull horn of racist fearmongering to their base and other voters that the Democrats are pro-immigrant socialist and using them to replace American patriots through the “Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory,” often shouted by miseducated and politically uninformed voters.

The backstory to this crisis emerges from the greed of the wealthy and their diabolical scheme to take control of the American government, the resources of oil rich countries, and the need to justify this act using the Word of God through the justification of the Doctrine of Discovery.

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