Right-wing white males have resorted to what they know best to take control and maintain power, which is violence and threats of violence. This is because they have no real intellectual solutions or social developmental skills to solve or remedy the many problems this country faces.

They are laying the groundwork for justifying criminal activity on their behalf when they feel the need to force their rule of law on society. The society made up of everyone who are not white or male. They are literally designing a mafia-style, two-tiered justice system that protects and gives immunity to their crimes but criminalizes and punishes everyone else.

This has been seen in a few cases from vigilante street justice all the way up to the Supreme Court, where “First, in Texas, you can commit murder without suffering the legal consequences of that crime, so long as your victim’s politics are loathed by the right and your case is championed by conservative media. Or at least, this is the message sent by Gov. Greg Abbott’s pardoning of Daniel Perry.”

And next, “This week, Americans received a reminder of just how radical the Supreme Court’s most right-wing justices have become. In the weeks following the January 6 insurrection, die-hard Trump supporters across the country hung upside-down flags in protest of Biden’s supposed theft of the election. On Thursday, the New York Times reported that one such flag had hung outside the home of Justice Samuel Alito, even as he was presiding over judicial challenges to the 2020 election’s results.”

Instead of trying to win the hearts and votes of the US citizenry through legislation that would better the lives of every culture and race in the country, conservatives have concluded that no one needs better lives except white males, and this is where they are making a huge mistake for their future. They have decided to take on all people not white.


The machoism and bullying are being evangelized to white males who are learning to resent people of color based on the propaganda of right-wing rhetoric, threats of violence and elementary peer-pressure. It is nothing more than the radicalization of a mob. Cruelty, anger, and hate drives these young white men to organize against the rest of the country and view them as enemies who need to be destroyed.

However, the men who are joining these militias are nothing more than weak, soft heart and minded brats of white privilege who will learn the hard way. Yes, they will F*** around and find out. People are not going to lay down to tyranny regardless of how many police are on the streets and how many tanks patrol urban and suburban areas.

But nothing more can be expected from a people who have abandoned all reason and logic and have debased themselves in their most medieval and primitive nature, which is violence. A country run by a gang of cutthroats will only lead to more violence from a people they expect to bow before them. The day will come when they will learn that violence only begets violence.

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