People need to awaken to the reality that the United States is politically run by capitalist conservatives, but with an added touch of liberal culture. The Republican Party has taken control of the economy over the last forty years and driven the people under heavy debt, modern-day slave labor and are simply awaiting more power to drive the last stake into the heart of the country by taking away personal rights and freedoms.

The world itself can see that the working class in America is struggling financially and many Americans are starting to complain about the financial crises that the middle-class and new workers face.

Economically, the people do not have affordable healthcare or decent worker benefits, the housing crises is growing, and homelessness is increasing. More people and families are in debt one way or another; either medical debt, student loans, credit card debt or simply in debt to government agencies such as the criminal justice system, the IRS, or one of the many others.

It seems no progress is being made on those fronts because no new laws are being passed that improve financial change for the betterment of families; and the only new laws that are being passed benefit the wealthy and conservative voters, such as gun laws, stronger policing and control of the populous, stronger banking policies that protect big banks, tech companies and other capitalist ventures. Absolutely nothing is being done for the benefit of the people and their financial well-being.

The only progress being made from a Democratic standpoint in the last fifty years are cultural agendas, such as laws that protect the LGBTQ community, Civil Rights, and abortion rights. Ironically, these are all agendas the conservative party have vowed to end in the next Republican administration. They want to do away with laws that protect Civil rights and minorities along with women’s rights. The culture wars are the main topics in congress and in the news yet the topic of economic security for the working class is ignored.


People are tired of this same policy agenda and are ready for a change. In the meantime, people are being killed and gun deaths are rising, dying from homelessness and a mental health crisis, from medical malpractice and neglect, and overdosing on drugs made here and overseas. However, the news media focuses hard on the culture wars pursued by the conservative party and the circus of a cult leader who promises to make things worse for everyone.

Every political cycle, the Democrats cave to the demands of fiscal conservatism because they too, are benefiting from political and financial power, yet they continue to claim to be for the working class. This is obviously a lie. They are just as guilty of oppressing the working class as the Republicans. Their factual accomplishments are to the LGBTQ community and abortion rights, and now they are losing those wars. And it is becoming apparent that they never once cared about the rights of minorities.

This country is doomed to fail.

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