There are numerous variables attached to the 2024 election, such as the possible loss of Democracy to a full-blown Fascist state, MAGA threats of violence and civil war if their man loses, along with multiple court cases claiming voter fraud, or massive protests and riots in the streets against a new form of Dictatorship bringing in martial law against the populous. Because of stalled chaos of the two parties, no new or positive legislation will ever again be passed for the benefit of the people.

Mainstream media, independent influencers and false prophets will go crazy attempting to analyze either side bringing misinformation spread like an air-born virus. Foreign countries weighing in and accusations of espionage, treason, sedition, and all sorts of constitutional arguments thrown back and forth between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Already the election is a hot mess waiting to happen. But for all the hyperbole and bluster of the turning of the country, one thing is for sure that no one has observed, which is after November 5th, the United States of America will never be the same and will turn for the worse regardless of who wins. Why? Because the lust for absolute power is at its peak in this election.

One side is willing to imprison or kill the other side for that power and the other side desperately wants to hold on to the little freedoms they have left and avoid a dismantling of the Constitution. This is going to be an ugly election and the aftermath even uglier.

If the left wins, there is a brutal element of vengeful people in MAGA who are going to explode under the belief that the election was stolen again but this time they will go an extra mile beyond J6 leaving multiple statehouses, capital buildings and Democratic representatives vulnerable to vandalism and attack. Threating phone calls, letters and possible physical attacks will happen in the first few months afterward. Angry, misinformed, and misled white men and women will lash out at people of color and anyone they think are Democrat related.


Higher powers of the wealthy are going to strike with higher prices to punish those they believe are Democrat voters who voted to take away their chance at more tax cuts, like they did after the pandemic when they lost money in business. They exploited the markets and gouged the people to purposely crash the economy and make the president look bad. Politicians, the courts and people in far-right think tanks and lobbyist organizations are going to slap extreme laws, fines, and policies on the people out of sheer spite as an act of vengeance. The people will suffer worse than they are now.

On the other hand – but on the same side of the coin – if the left loses, those same characters above will take their newfound power to the next level because they will be unfettered and given the legal go ahead to squash their perceived enemies, the Democrats and everything related to Democracy. There will still be threats and acts of violence on social and racial lines with people of color; Blacks, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and all Democrats at the mercy of hateful, violence-thirsty white guys with guns driven by propaganda full of righteous indignation.

Laws will be made strictly to hurt Democrat voters and passed for the benefit of right-wing supremacist and good ole boy club members. This country will be turned back a few decades, maybe a century, in law, culture, and civility. This will be a dream come true for those who seek to gain what they feel they have lost over the past 50 years of multiculturalism. White men showing extreme indifference toward those they deem as a threat to their well-being.

The problem with all this is that they will have surely underestimated their perceived enemies and the concept of human intellectual development, which has outpaced the old timey master/slave relationship. They will awaken to a reality they have subconsciously hid from. The reality that the lies they lived under and the beliefs they held reflected themselves and their fears once they realize it is they, who were the victims of those in true power.

Another factor the right has not considered in case of a loss on the left, is there will be protest and riots in the streets far beyond that of the George Floyd outburst. The stolen election lie will become a reality if the right wins especially after suspicions of fake electors arises as a possibility and a coup succeeds. And like a rebellious child who defies all forms of discipline from a parent, the left will expand their acts of defiance through increased homosexuality, transgenderism, and abortions despite the law just to piss off those who have taken those rights away. Talk about an ungodly nation now.

See, lies and hypocrisy are always exposed overtime. But this is a concept that is lacking in their worldview. They would rather believe any lies told them because it justifies their anxieties and lust for superiority. The lie being, Blacks, immigrants, Jews, and Muslims are to blame for the plight and downfall of the white man, the stagnation in the economy, the high gas and food prices, and the loss of their 401ks. They were never told the truth by the news media they frequent, that all these issues come from the top of the food chain and have trickled down to them, at the bottom. And that the hate in which they built this country on is the same that will bring them down.

When these angry, white men decide to launch their crusade against everyone they hate, and the politicians, courts, law enforcement, and military begin to attack innocent people under the guise of racist military orders, false information, and blind hate, those in their target will be forced to defend themselves by any means necessary against a blatant injustice on humanity. Once the country turns into a wild west scenario and many violent conflicts go underreported by the media, people under duress will feel compelled to take matters into their own hands. It will truly become a lawless society after so many wolves have cried.

In the meantime, another country – saying no names – is going to take full advantage of this commotion in the US and decide it is time to strike, and they are going to position themselves for it. There is a man, right now, who is going to take the lead in a country that has a massive military build over the years, who will take the place of the current leader. However, this man is no nonsense, fed up with western imperialism, unreasonable, and is determined to release his aggression. This is where the US will meet its match and along with the internal conflict, will face an external enemy that has had enough.

Consequently, reflecting on historical events, any nation that has turned against itself will fall and from the ashes will rise a nation led by the ones with the most determination to not be eliminated. In a country like the US, where there is a diverse population, the struggle will be interesting. However, white supremacy is a dying entity because it is an empty vessel of all that goes against the human will and fortitude to survive. There will be a rude awakening in this country, and it will not be of those who can already see the light.

For a few months after the election, there will be violence. There will be injustices. There will be horrific and dreadful acts of medieval barbarianism because that is how low some will go to uphold a lie and exact their power. There will be events that will make J6 look like a child’s birthday party, and there will be days where normal people will emerge from their comfort zones and take to a level of rebellion not seen in US history. There will be an overturning of all that used to be and all that was, and a new nation will be formed after the hate is exhausted and consumed away like the fat of lambs.

After a while, normal will finally set in but it will not look like it looks today. Those in power will have solidified their seats of authority and all others will fall in place. A resistance will brew underground and there will be public disturbances every now and then. The workday will not be the same, corporations will falter because they bit off more than they could chew and will lose money hand over fist, and a health crisis will overwhelm the nation. People will die out and meet their makers either in darkness or in the light. Voices will simmer down to whispers and the arrogance of men will be humbled.

This will go on for a few years and then tribulation will come: a period this nation has never seen before. There will be no more Democrats and Republicans, there will only be the wealthy and the extreme poor and sick. Then the real invasion will begin, and men will lament for their hate and sins. They will beg for forgiveness and bargain for death. As God is witness to all that has happened from the beginning of this country, the United States will reap hard what they have sown into the hearts and minds of humanity in all the world.

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