It is amazing the level of cognitive dissonance embedded in the minds of some whites. Some actually believe that Obama widened the racial divide in the country during his term. The fact is, whites did not like him being president and their racism surfaced into words and actions, which widened the already racial divide.

But to blame Obama for the racism they reinstituted is a sure sign of a serious state of denial. The idea that Black people bare any responsibility for the institution of racism is so far out of reality that there are no words to describe this thought process. Trump voters are so disconnected from reality they have convinced themselves of out-right lies in order to justify their own racism and hate.

And for the media to observe this disconnect by a large percentage of the voting population and still report on Trump as if he is normal is shocking and also a form of cognitive dissonance. Any respectable person who has taken a leadership position in American politics should have long ago disassociated themselves from the supreme stupidity that has taken hold of the minds of so many people. These people need serious psychological help. This is the real mental health crises in this country.

If Obama had done a small percentage of the things Trump has done, then they would have a point. But there are no scandals or corruption in his term. He would have been in jail long ago, and especially the moment anyone had suspected him of attempting to overthrow the government on J6, and hanging his vice president.

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