he phrase “drug overdose” doesn’t often conjure images of smoking too much weed, but it’s true—you can overdose on cannabis, especially the more potent stuff. The distinction many stoners like to rightfully point out is such overdoses are very rarely, if ever, fatal. In terms of risk, it doesn’t entirely make sense to compare marijuana to powerful opioids like fentanyl, but an overdose on THC, the drug in cannabis that gets people stoned, is still possible and still quite uncomfortable.

As cannabis becomes legal in more regions, it’s important for the public to understand the risk of overdose in order to prevent harm, just like we do with other drugs like alcohol and prescription medications. People use marijuana for good reasons. There are medicinal benefits, but it also just feels good. Ingesting THC either through smoking, vaporizing or edibles can make people feel euphoric, relaxed, sleepy, giggly and otherwise intoxicated.

According to Allen, these antagonists are so effective that someone could take one and ingest as much cannabis as they want and they couldn’t get high.

As cannabis becomes legal in more areas, some emergency rooms are seeing more visits related to THC overdose, especially in kids that accidentally eat cannabis edibles, who can sometimes eat so much they can become comatose. Taking too much THC can trigger rapid heart rate, dizziness, nausea, paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks. Very rarely are these effects life-threatening and generally wear off in a few hours. But in some cases, they can require a hospital visit, sometimes including an overnight stay.

Part of the reason for this increase in emergency room visits is relaxed laws around marijuana can make people feel more comfortable visiting hospitals in the first place. Not fearing arrest is a good motivator for seeking help. Regardless of the driving factors, cannabis overdose can be scary, but the standard protocol in such cases is to manage symptoms or prescribe a sedative like Xanax…SOURCE


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