Taking a page out of the New York Times Black degradation series published every six months in their national newspaper, the Associated Press is working on perfecting their own series that undermines Black life in order to mentally groom the white mind into further resenting Black people and their existence.

The object of propaganda is to quietly indoctrinate the public over a period of time using negative information about a certain group of people so that the public starts to view those people as burdens, incompetent, or disposable. The NYTs is famous for this, especially their efforts to demoralize Black men.

Their most recent attack on Black life came during the beginning of the pandemic when they proclaimed loudly how Blacks were dying from COVID 19 in horrific numbers, thus soothing the minds of whites which in turned forced the public sector to reopen businesses and for people to go back to work. Yet, in the end, more whites died from the virus than any other group.

In years before the pandemic, the NYTs often ran articles – approximately six months apart – to disparage the Black population. If it was not Black men, it was Black health, poverty, child immortality or anything else they could conjure up that placed Blacks below whites and other ethnic groups.

In the APs new series, they have gathered a bulk of information about Black health to proclaim how bad it is, regardless of the fact that most Americans are in the same boat health wise. This is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world and getting worse, yet these – whatever they are called journalist – are determined to point the finger at Blacks, ignoring the health disparities in the rest of the culture.


As always, Black people will ignore this blatant bigotry and continue to live their lives and multiply regardless. We all know the reason Black health is suffering is not because of what we do or how we live, but what foods are forced on the public, the neglect facing the Black population by the health system, hospitals, and environmental hazards that pollute out neighborhoods. The discrimination is the point.

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