It is shameful how people jump at the chance to vilify the poor when the discussion goes to social programs such as SNAP benefits and any government assistance. The age-old stereotype haunting the American mind is how people drain the system and look for free handouts. This mindset is so prevalent it has been embedded in the opinions of children.

In a recent article, the author sites facts and data explaining how people who get government assistance are those who either cannot work or should not be working. “The vast majority of people who are not working are people who can not work or should not be working, according to an analysis of Census poverty data by Matt Bruenig, founder of the People’s Policy Project. This group primarily includes children, students, elderly people, and the disabled.”

The following comments were abhorrent. With no consideration for the facts given in the article, people lunged at the poor with fangs calling people who received the assistance lazy and leaches sponging off the system and taxpayers’ money. Always taxpayers’ money (which is an extremely small percentage point of their personal income a year, not even noticeable on a check stub). Yet taxes that feed into the military budget are the highest in recorded history, yet ignorantly ignored.

Many people in the comments section told heroic stories of being immigrants coming to this country and getting assistance for a few years until they were able to break free and support themselves, saying if they can do it so can others. The others? guess who they were referring to. The old-age stereotypes of poor Black women and children. Never admitting to the fact that most of the people on welfare are white women, or that the assistance actually helped themselves.

People were attaching labels of thieves, criminals, and scam artist to imaginary victims of poverty drummed up in their minds through the stereotypical imagery of Hollywood, bigoted politicians, and privileged racist who have never worked a day in their lives. The irony is that no one even considered the words in the article, that people who receive benefits cannot or should not work. Even though the article clearly describes those people as “children, students, elderly people, and the disabled.”


The current unemployment rate is at a record low but neither does that matter to the economically ignorant. They are simply happy to speak evil of things they do not understand. There were stories of people living on welfare their entire lives, something they could never know for sure, and stories of people unwilling to work at all and just live off the system. Another thing they could never know for sure, seeing they live in the suburbs out of sight and mind from the reality of people living in urban and rural areas.

People are simply relaxed in their ignorance and stupidity perching themselves on top of the poverty line and looking down on anyone who needs help and considering them a burden to society. Not to mention their refusal to include all the government assistance going to large corporations. This is a shame and typical of American worldview.

Propaganda in this country has run rampant and has always been a talking point of wealthy politicians to get votes from the most ignorant, happily bigoted and dumbed down voters in the country. This is not a Christian country; it is full of wickedness when the poor are berated and ignored.

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