Stop believing the lie that the economy is governed only by supply and demand. That is a small portion of how things work. The economy is controlled by the wealthy and the corporations they run. Food, gas, housing, healthcare, and retail goods are all based on whether the wealthy get what they want from the politicians they pay for.

Right now, economist blame the current cost of living on inflation, claiming supply and demand and rising wages cause prices to go higher. That is not totally true. If that were true, why does wages never catch up with the cost of living? Why are people struggling more and more regardless of what they earn?

The cost of living is high because there is a Democrat in the White House and business owners favor Republican presidents instead, because they pay them to lower their taxes. So, they raise prices to make the Democrat president look incompetent and when a Republican comes into office, they lower prices so the Republican looks as if he is doing something for the working class. It is all smoke and mirrors and has worked for years.

Moreover, when Republicans are in office the national debt goes sky high and when a Democrat is in office, they have to balance the budget and fix the economy. Republicans claim fiscal responsibility but are the ones who give all your tax money to the wealthy in tax cuts. Then they cry loud about the deficit once the Democrat returns to office and they cut spending from needed programs and projects that create jobs and help the low-income.

Guaranteed, if the Democrat wins in 2024, the cost of living will remain high but wages will increase, but if the other guy wins, prices will freeze and so will wages. People will think the new Republican president has done something for them when in reality, it is the wealthy corporate owners returning a favor to the Republican in exchange for lower taxes. Another guarantee is the wealthy will get wealthier and the working class will get poorer, even though the cost of living goes down, taxes will go up because the wealthy ain’t payin’ no taxes.


Whenever the working, voting class catches on to the scam and realize that the president does not control the economy and the cost of living, the better chance they have of stopping this debt-driven exploitation of their families, generation after generation. Look closely, things never get cheaper, quality is worthless, and the wages are never enough. It has been working like this since the eighties.

Millennials and Gen-Z must wake up to this scam and respond accordingly. They must see it for what it really is and take notice of how many billionaires there are and how hard it is to make a living in the supposedly richest country in the world. What a lie. We all been played.

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