No one should have to live in fear of a dictator regime with hundreds of thousands of violent, angry, self-appointed vigilantes bullying a majority of the people and making laws to oppress. An abused woman does not have to stay with an abusive man and has the God-given right to leave. Likewise, the United States does not have to stay united.

Since historical laws and precedents have been overturned by one man, ignoring the rule of law and good faith understandings that bind this country as one nation, when will the other side realize that the rogue minority are not abiding by the rules set before us as a nation? When will the other side decide it is time to cut ties from a vindictive people hell bent on oppressing the masses?

Who and by what written laws or documents say that this country has to stay united if a small group of people have disannulled that agreement? Apparently, there is no respect for that agreement so why should the entire nation suffer from a relationship that is clearly not working and has turned to violence and millions of people living in fear?

If the country does not win the vote to uphold democracy in November, and this country is then run by a dictator, laying down to this takeover is not an option. This will ultimately prove that voting does not work and is too fragile a system to keep a democracy strong. If one man and a handful of demagogue think tanks and lobbyist can dismantle the voting populous, then the populous has the right to do whatever it takes to take their freedoms back.

If it comes down to a majority vote from the states, Congress or the Senate, to hell with that rule seeing no one cares about the rules any longer. Draw up the divorce papers and get started on two new nations. Bargaining and compromise have been done to death. It is time for people to have what they deserve and not what others plan for them.


Divide the Child: A Peaceful Solution to America’s Internal Conflicts

The United States of America is clearly divided by the two-party systems and extremely differ in standard ideology; Foreign affairs, economic policies, social and religious issues, and have reached a point of defining their own understanding of the Rule of Law, the Constitution and of the Bill of Rights.

These political conflicts do not solidify Unity, but a clear-cut division. Thus, how can a nation clearly divided coexist peacefully? It cannot and will soon implode, but there is one sure way to avoid another Civil War and that is to divide the nation into two separate nations. Literally, give the Republicans their states and give the Democrats theirs.

Dividing the nation will do away with partisan politics, constant bickering, and culture wars, ease race relations and open the doors to a new-age, mega industrial revolution for private business and/or government expansion. Like a bad marriage, if the differences are simply too great, sometimes divorce is the only answer, because the vows have been broken.

The people of the United States are the children caught in an ugly marriage. They have withdrawn from the dinner table and closed themselves off into their rooms casting off any faith in, respect for or involvement with the two debating parties. Thus, voter patience is strained, anger at the government is at an all-time high, and things only seem to be getting worse.

The division has psychological effects on every person in many ways. Not knowing what to believe, what to stand for or even what is true anymore has run deep in the way people live their lives on a daily basis. Does life matter or not? Is there true equality or not? Religion, culture, and science are questionable and in complete contradiction of each other all the way to the Supreme Court.

Civil Rights and even human rights are in question when debated in the halls of Congress and the national news industry base their entire existence on presenting two opposing viewpoints as if both are legitimate. There is only one truth. The lack of a solid foundation for any nation leaves the people at risk.

The Conservative Republic

When the Republicans are in control of their own nation, they can limit government power to as little as possible. They can have a system of unbridled capitalism without restriction and let the free market run wild. They can ban abortion and gay marriage, restrict voting to whoever they want, carry all the guns they want and build a wall as tall as they want to keep others out.

There will be no need for entitlement programs including social security, Medicare, Medicaid, or food stamps because no one would ever need assistance. The Conservative Republic government can build a military force unstoppable to the world and defend their side of the country against terrorist attacks and also bomb any other country all to hell if they want.

The Democratic Union

When the Democrats are in control of their own nation, they can do the opposite of all of the above. They can expand government as far as the eye can see, allow abortion, gay marriage, invite refugees and immigrants, have no guns, give free health care, college and food all day long if they so desire.

And when it comes time to negotiate with foreign leaders, they can finally make peace or war with the world. Instead of the rich controlling the rest of the country, hard working people can earn their due and live without the frustration and anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck.

The Demographics

Let the young minds of Ivy league schools (who could use real mental stimulation) work out the details of how to move the people to their desired nation, design a workable infrastructure, and rebuild Wall Street to work for both sides. Allow the people to have another chance at freedom instead of being subjugated to Government tyranny, forced labor and injustice, and unnecessary gun deaths.

Let this newfound independence of each nation reveal which one will have need of the prison industrial complex, a superior defense system, or which side will have to worry about school and mass shootings, suicides, medical malpractice, poverty, and drug abuse.

Divide or Else

If this country does not divide into two nations soon there looms another Civil War and it will not be pretty at all. Racism, anger, and hatred are on the rise not only among the people, but all those things are being spewed from the mouths of political, business, intellectual and even religious leaders. Those persecuted can only take so much abuse before one soul will rise and tap into the frustration of those being abused and once that happens, this United States military will have their hands full.

The world is watching and will soon see the destruction of a country unable to solve their internal struggles among themselves. Right now it is only garnering attention, but when the war breaks out, the world will not stand by and watch millions of people harmed by a country juiced with such social hatred.

For God’s sake and the sake of millions of innocent people, Divide the Nation!

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