If there was ever a show of racial solidarity on the part of white supremacy, it is at present and how no one has done a damn thing to stop white violence against people of color. Among Democrats and Republicans, not one white leader has mentioned how race hatred is a problem that causes the social trauma and sometimes death of innocent people.

The Democrats are a weak, spinless people who stand silent against the white terrorism in this God-forsaken country. The men are punks who are afraid of MAGA Reps who stick their puny chest out and speak horrific bigotry causing stochastic terrorism to persist. They seem complacent with the bigotry as if they know they are protected against it.

Republican men are all for terrorizing people of color and have no intention of stopping the violent acts, they encourage it by making it policy. This is a testimony of the centuries old racism that founded this country, and it is antithetical to their so-called Christian founding theory, which is and always has been a lie.

White bigots are allowed to join the police force to act out their hate against people of color with immunity, and their false messiah even promised them more if reelected. Not one word or proposed legislation from politicians who supposedly believe in Civil and Human Rights. The Christian pastors are cowards as they remain silent in the atrocities done to people of color by so-called Christian men. These men are nothing more than losers and cowards and obviously fake Christians.

The courts, the lawmakers and politicians turn a blind eye to hate crimes and support military genocide here and around the world. This is a demonic country that gets off on murder, hate, and crimes against humanity. If there were someone speaking out against this criminality it would be a different story, but there is no one who has lifted a finger to help people who have not done a damn thing to these neanderthal psychopaths.


And they wonder why their women are taking control, their children are violent and disrespectful, and their men are feminine in nature, low-self-esteem whiny, cowards. Their families are broken, their population is dwindling, and their image around the world is a joke. It is because they live in a fantasy world of white superiority that has been debunked by their own doings.

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